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16 may 2011 - Scientists confirm dog fur in stores      

Scientists confirm dog fur in stores

16th May 2011                                                                                                                                                                           

Recent investigations undertaken by Humane Society International revealing dog fur products being sold through national retail chains have been questioned by retailers who have had their own tests carried out and refute the claims that the products did in fact contain dog fur.

Dr James Robertson of CSIRO has carried out the retailer tests and we are surprised by his findings, given two of the world’s leading hair analysis experts tested and confirmed dog in the items we sent for analysis.

Tests carried out by Dr Barbara Triggs and confirmed by Dr Hans Brunner categorically show dog fur in the garments we purchased from stores in Australia.  Given that Brunner and Triggs wrote the reference book promoted by CSIRO and reviewed by Dr Robertson as follows “This is a relatively inexpensive product which should be in the library of any forensic organisation and one which will find real use by the 'rapidly diminishing' worldwide band of forensic hair examiners,” there is no doubt to the validity of the tests.

Triggs and Brunner are considered two of the worlds leading hair experts so we are puzzled by the subsequent tests by CSIRO and can only assume there is an inconsistency in the product range or as there were different species of fur within the one garment, that not all fur types on the garment were tested.

“There is no doubt there is dog fur entering Australia again this winter.  We have absolute faith in the tests we conducted and the scientists engaged are beyond reproach,” said HSI Director Verna Simpson.  “The sad fact is that dogs are still being horrifically killed in China for the Australian fashion market and retailers and consumers are still being deceived.”

“We are still waiting for Customs to act on our investigation and in the 13 weeks since we reported our finding to them many stores have already sold out of these garments.  They will now be hanging in the closets of unsuspecting consumers.  The only advice we can give to people is to not buy ANY fur until the Government takes action,” Ms Simpson said.

More than 100,000 Australians signed the original petition and over 10,000 direct letters were sent to the Prime Minister demanding the Government stop the trade in dog and cat fur.  It was one of the largest representations to Government on an animal cruelty issue and is obviously close to the heart of all most Australians.  It is now up to Government to uphold the legislation that so many Australians fought for.

We have attached a copy of the analysis showing dog fur in garments and a short bio of the scientists who completed this work for us.

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