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12 April 2011 - Another horse dies in the name of entertainment      

Another horse dies in the name of entertainment

Sydney, 12 April, 2011                    

Yet another death of a horse has occurred as a result of participating in a jumps event. The latest casualty – seven year old Hammerblow – was euthanised following a fall at Morphettville, South Australia yesterday.

Yesterday’s death follows that of Casa Boy who was also euthanaised following injuries suffered in a heavy fall during only the second race of the Victorian Jumps season on the 4th April at Warrnambool.

Humane Society International (HSI) has again joined the call of other animal welfare groups across the country in calling for an end to jumps racing once and for all.

Jumps racing is the deadliest form of horse racing in Australia and it is incomprehensible that both animals and jockeys continue to be put at such risk of death and severe injury to serve no purpose other than for the entertainment and vested financial interests of a small but vocal minority within the industry’, HSI spokesperson Rebecca Keeble said.

South Australia and Victoria are the only States which continue to permit jumps racing events, with other States recognising the evident animal cruelty and implementing legislation making jumps racing illegal.

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