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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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Court Documents - English (Evidence, Judgements etc)      
Whale CaseWhale Case
Summary of the case by HSI barrister Chris McGrath - Download PDF, 232 kB

Barrister Chris McGrath argues for enforcement of the injunction - Download PDF 123 kB
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Court documents - English (evidence, judgements, etc.)
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Court Documents - English (Evidence, Judgements etc)

Australian Federal Court orders stop to Japanese whale hunt - 15th January 2008 Download PDF (146 kB)

Affidavit of Nicola Jane Baynon - 11th September 2007 Download PDF (21.7 MB)

Affidavit 4 of Nicola Jane Beynon - 27th October 2006 Download PDF (129 kB)

Judgement of the Full Court on HSI Appeal - gives the go ahead Download PDF (63 kB)

Affidavit of Nicola Jane Beynon - 29th July 2005 Download PDF (75.5 KB)

HSI's appeal to the Full Bench of the Federal Court to overturn Allsop decision Download PDF (117 kB)

Final judgement from Justice Allsop denies permission Download PDF (237 kB)

HSI response to the Attorney General submission Download PDF (112 kB)

Submission from the Attorney General opposing case Download PDF (143 kB)

Preliminary judgement from Justice Allsop

Application - 19th October 2004 Download PDF (97 kB)

Statement of Claim - 19th October 2004 Download PDF (110 kB)

Nicola Jane Beynon Affidavit 1 - 19th October 2004 Download PDF (151 kB)

Affidavit of Kieran Mulvaney - 9th November 2004 Download PDF (101 kB)

Summary of Relevant Facts - 12th November 2004 Download PDF (97 kB)

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