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18 November 2014 - Decades of Wildlife Habitat Protection HSI special bulletin launch coincides with World Parks Congress      

Decades of Wildlife Habitat Protection: HSI special bulletin launch coincides with World Parks Congress

18 November 2014


Humane Society International (HSI) celebrates 20 years of campaigning for Australian ecosystems and wildlife habitats with the release of a Special Bulletin, Conserving Australia’s Threatened Ecosystems: An overview of HSI’s Habitat Protection Program, to coincide with the decennial IUCN World Parks Congress, currently being held in Sydney.

Concentrating on campaigning for the introduction and continued effectiveness of strategic environmental legislation; the promotion of appropriate conservation policy at all levels of government; supporting rural communities and private landholders in the preservation of wildlife habitats; and the preparation of scientific justifications for conservation action, HSI's Habitat Protection Program has achieved much since being launched in Sydney by Bob Brown and the late John Hoyt in 1994.


"Our efforts have been many and varied, encompassing areas such as biodiversity policy and law, terrestrial and marine species protection, conservation treaties, and climate change,” stated HSI Director Michael Kennedy.  "We are very proud to have efficiently instigated such a wide range of campaign activities and actions over these 20 years, and look forward to the challenge of continuing this success into a third decade,” Mr Kennedy concluded.


The Special Bulletin is available from HSI staff at the World Parks Congress, or can alternatively be provided upon request.  Additionally, a PDF version can be accessed at:





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