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3 October 2014 - HSI statement on WA shark incident      

HSI statement on WA shark incident

3 October 2014


Humane Society International (HSI) issued the following statement after yesterday’s tragic shark bite incident which resulted in Bunbury surfer Sean Pollard losing both his arms near Esperance in Western Australia.

“Firstly, our thoughts are with the surfer, Sean Pollard, who we wish a speedy recovery from his injuries. However, the news overnight that two large great white sharks have been killed is an incredibly disappointing response by the WA Government, particularly as the surfer himself reported that he believes two bronze whaler sharks to have been responsible for his injuries.

HSI continues to oppose the ‘imminent threat’ or ‘rapid response’ policy of killing sharks after any incident, or if they are otherwise deemed of danger. Simply killing sharks will not reduce the risk of a shark attack.

We once again urge the WA Government to investigate all possible non-lethal approaches for these incidents in order to ensure public safety. Such methods should include placing warning signs or closing beaches in the vicinity where large white sharks are known to have recently been, so that the public can be aware of all possible dangers, and the development of measures to drive large sharks away from beaches.” 


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