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27 March 2014 - HSI welcomes rejection of NT crocodile safari hunt proposals      

HSI welcomes rejection of NT crocodile safari hunt proposals

27 March 2014

Humane Society International (HSI) has today welcomed the Federal Minister for the Environment’s announcement that he will not be approving plans by the Northern Territory Government for the safari hunting of saltwater crocodiles due to animal cruelty concerns.

For over 20 years the Northern Territory Government has been putting forward proposals to successive Federal Governments seeking to establish safari hunting for saltwater crocodiles. Each time, the Environment Minister has wisely rejected these plans. We are therefore extremely pleased that Minister Hunt has once again rejected the Northern Territory’s latest plans, put forward in 2012, to hunt large saltwater crocodiles,” said HSI’s Alexia Wellbelove.

Safari hunting of crocodiles is a return to trophy hunting, an outdated approach to the management of our wildlife. It is time that the Northern Territory stopped taking its proposals from past centuries and instead considers how native animals like saltwater crocodiles can provide benefits such as eco-tourism or other ventures, as opposed to promoting cruel and inhumane practices,” concluded Ms Wellbelove.

HSI has campaigned against safari hunting of crocodiles since 1994 and remains concerned that the plan approved today, the Management Program for the Saltwater Crocodile in the Northern Territory of Australia, 2014-2015, will expire by the end of next year, potentially triggering another application for safari hunting. HSI will continue to oppose the safari hunting of crocodiles and ensure that Australia’s long held policy positions of promoting non-lethal alternatives is maintained with respect to saltwater crocodiles.


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