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13 March 2014 - HSI produces report card on Free Range Eggs in run up to State Election      

HSI produces report card on Free Range Eggs in run up to State Election

13 March 2014


South Australians have shown overwhelming support for truth in labelling with thousands of concerned consumers pushing for a legislative approach to define ‘free range’ eggs.  Humane Society International (HSI) believes that their wholehearted unity deserves full recognition and it’s time for the South Australian government to commit to a long term solution, offering true clarity.

When consumers pay a premium for eggs labelled ‘free range’ they assume higher welfare practices are used, producing a more ethical product – it only follows that these consumers deserve a guarantee that the eggs are genuinely ‘free range’.  The South Australian government has the power to make this happen by legislating a standard for ‘free range’ eggs, putting an end to this long-lasting debate in their state.  Free range egg consumers have so far been at the mercy of large egg corporations seeking to cash in on the demand for free range eggs, but mandatory legislation would finally allow South Australians to weed out the less than honest ones.

South Australia has been leading the way on this issue but progress seems to have stalled.  Despite the introduction of a voluntary Egg Labelling Code, it has not yet been implemented and no free range egg producers are currently involved in the scheme.  Two Egg Labelling Bills were introduced and debated in parliament, one by The Greens and one by the Liberal Party. But in the meantime as consumer interest grows, so does the deceptive labelling of free range eggs throughout Australia.

With the State Election for South Australia scheduled this Saturday, HSI has taken the initiative to help ethical consumers.  HSI Director Verna Simpson said, “To help them we have put together a Report Card summarising the views of each political party.”  Each Party was asked whether they support legislated standards for free range eggs. 

Ms Simpson continued, “This week we have distributed the report card to the thousands of our supporters who back this legislation to help them with their election decision this Saturday.”  


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