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12 February 2013 - Say No to Shark Fin Products for a Cruelty-Free Chinese New Year      

Say No to Shark Fin Products for a Cruelty-Free Chinese New Year

12 February 2013

Each year, up to 73 million sharks are killed for their fins. Sharks are dragged onto boats alive, their fins sliced off, and then thrown back into the ocean, dead or dying. "Finning" is done to satisfy an appetite for dishes such as shark fin soup, which may be served by Chinese restaurants and during Chinese New Year celebrations, weddings, and other events. Chinese New Year is a time when family, friends, and neighbours get together and wish for health, prosperity and happiness for the coming year.

Thankfully in Australia shark finning is illegal, however, sharks are still targeted in our waters for their fins, with the fin removed and processed once the shark is onshore. With one-third of all open-ocean sharks threatened by extinction, this is an unsustainable rate which shark populations cannot sustain – in Australia or elsewhere.

“Despite Australia’s laws, there is no way of knowing how much suffering has gone into a bowl of shark fin soup, as shark fins are imported from fisheries which allow sharks to be finned alive. The only safe way to avoid cruelty and help save our sharks is to avoid shark fin soup,” said Alexia Wellbelove of Humane Society International. “We are therefore asking people to say NO to shark fin products for a cruelty-free Chinese New Year.”

Consuming shark fin soup is cruel and unnecessary. Shark fin has no flavour, nutritional or medicinal value to those who choose to eat it. In fact, research is increasingly showing that high levels of mercury and other toxins may actually make the shark fin soup a threat to human health.

Help stop needless cruelty and save endangered species: Say NO to shark fin products.


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