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12 March 2014 - Over 100 sharks killed as HSI slams WA EPA shark decision      

Over 100 sharks killed as HSI slams WA EPA shark decision

12 March 2014


Humane Society International (HSI) is very concerned with the decision reached today by the West Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) that it will not undertake an assessment on the WA shark drumline program, while 101 dead tiger sharks can now be counted.

The EPA’s decision that the short term program poses ‘negligible risk’ to the marine environment is extremely disappointing, particularly given we know the WA Government has sought further extension of this shark killing program,” said HSI’s Alexia Wellbelove.  “For the EPA to only consider the period up to 30 April 2014, and not to consider the broader implications of the longer term program as proposed by the WA Government in reaching this decision, is a complete failure of the process.”

HSI prepared a submission to the EPA which called on the authority to assess the program as ‘environmentally unacceptable’, based on the significant bycatch particularly of smaller sharks that the drumlines caught in the first few weeks of operation, and the lack of scientific justification for such a program.

It is clear that the WA shark drumline program is a failure – not only does killing sharks not reduce the risk of shark bites to people, but the program is clearly having significant impacts on smaller sharks less than 3 metres, the very sharks it stated would not be caught by the large hooks.  HSI therefore calls on the WA Government to reconsider this program and focus further on non-lethal ways of protecting people from sharks,” concluded Ms Wellbelove


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