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20 April 2015 - Sir Paul McCartney joins the fray as HSI reports live from the ice and the Canadian seal slaughter continues      

Sir Paul McCartney joins the fray as HSI reports live from the ice and the Canadian seal slaughter continues

20 April  2015

10,000 seals have already been killed for their fur during this year’s annual Canadian Seal Hunt, which began just last week. Humane Society International (HSI) is the only group present in Newfoundland documenting the commercial seal slaughter, with this being the 17th year the HSI Protect the Seals team and HSI Canada Executive Director Rebecca Aldworth have been present on the Canadian ice floes.  With the large majority of this year’s 468,000 seal quota established by the Canadian government yet to be exhausted, HSI’s eyes on the ice are an essential deterrent to sealers who know their brutality is bad for business.

Click here to read HSI’s 2015 updates from the ice and a statement from spokesman Sir Paul McCartney.

Since 2002, more than 2 million seals have been killed, making Canada's commercial seal kill the largest slaughter of marine mammals on earth. The seals are killed primarily for their fur and the sealing industry relies almost exclusively on export markets to sell its products.  However, the market for seal products has been getting smaller. In 2014, the World Trade Organisation, in a campaign led by HSI, upheld the European Union ban on trade in products of commercial seal hunts.

Sir Paul McCartney, spokesperson for HSI on this campaign, has issued an appeal to the Canadian Government to stop the seal slaughter once and for all.  McCartney first joined HSI on the ice in 2006, and has worked to highlight the importance of the EU trade ban on seal products.

McCartney writes, "My friends at Humane Society International are once again setting out for the ice flows for the grim task of catching this horror on film.  Their videos of the bloody seal slaughter provide the only vital evidence to demonstrate year after year that these seals are dying a horrible death for their fur. As HSI bears witness to this cruelty, I wish them well and hope that this will be the last year that Canada's ice turns red.”

HSI continues its long-term efforts to end the hunt, with HSI Australia Director Michael Kennedy stating, “With trade bans on seal products in place in many nations and unrealistic seal quotas being set every year, it is high time for the annual Canadian seal hunt to cease.”


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