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25 March 2015 - Nationals put crocodile trophy hunting back on the table despite lion trophy ban      

Nationals put crocodile trophy hunting back on the table despite  lion trophy ban

25 March 2015


Humane Society International (HSI) is concerned to learn that the Nationals have reportedly reached an agreement with the Abbott Government to allow crocodile trophy hunting in the Northern Territory. The ABC has reported that trophy hunting of crocodiles has been approved “under an environmental agreement struck between the Abbott Government and the Northern Territory” and that there “is now little the minister can do to stop it.”[1]  

HSI’s Director Michael Kennedy said A fortnight ago, HSI applauded the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s announcement that imports and exports of lion trophies from canned hunting operations would be banned. Coming off the back of such a principled stance, this deal struck by the Nationals and excluding the Environment Minister is cynical and out of touch with Australians’ views on trophy hunting. 

With the recent ban on the importation of lion trophies from canned hunting, Australia has established itself as an international leader in the conservation of species subject to hunting. This announcement contradicts our international image and stance,” Mr Kennedy said.       

“Apart from the obvious animal welfare concerns with crocodile hunting, pushing trophy hunting as tourism above nature-based tourism or eco-tourism is short-sighted and out-dated. Trophy hunting is a relic of the past. Conserving iconic Australian wildlife such as our crocodiles provides tourism benefits that far outweigh those associated with trophy hunting and is consistent with Australia’s position on other forms of trophy hunting,” Mr Kennedy continued.

Almost one year ago to the day, Minister Hunt knocked back a similar proposal for crocodile safari hunting citing the cruel and inhumane treatment crocodiles would receive as the subject of trophy hunting safaris. Since 1994 the Northern Territory has put forward the proposal to each successive Government only to be knocked back every time.

HSI will continue to oppose the safari hunting of crocodiles and ensure that Australia's long held policy positions of promoting non-lethal alternatives is maintained with respect to saltwater crocodiles. HSI congratulates Minister Hunt for holding fast to this policy. Should the Commonwealth ever allow such an export program, HSI will immediately seek legal advice,” Mr Kennedy concluded.


[1] “Crocodile trophy hunting back on the agenda in Northern Territory after Coalition internal spat,” ABC News http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-23/crocodile-trophy-hunting-northern-territory-coalition-spat/6340398



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