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24 March 2015 - NSW Labor Party cracks down on animal welfare, but with 4 days to go, what about the Liberals?      

nsw labor party cracks down on animal welfare, but with four days to go, what about the liberals?

24 March 2015


Humane Society International (HSI) Director Verna Simpson said today that, “After HSI contacted them last week, we are delighted at Luke Foley’s announcement that a NSW Labor Government will implement a solid Animal Welfare Plan, taking on board the growing concerns of the Australian public.  But we are still waiting for Mike Baird to step up to the game and introduce similar animal welfare measures for the NSW Liberal Party in the lead up to this Saturday’s state Election.”

HSI is once again calling on Hon Mike Baird MP as Leader of the NSW Liberal Party to immediately announce what it is they plan to do to ensure that animal welfare regulations and laws are fully adequate to meet the increasing and future needs of animals used for financial gain in New South Wales.

Labor’s 10 Point Animal Welfare Plan was announced late last week and promises to ensure the humane treatment of animals including domestic, farm and native animals.  It includes key initiatives to protect dogs in puppy farms, greyhounds in greyhound racing, truth in labelling to define ‘free-range’, mandatory CCTV in abattoirs, protection for koalas, a review of animal welfare compliance, protection for marine life, and more.

The Greens NSW of course have the most comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy which covers all issues and relates to the treatment of all animals in our care.

Verna Simpson concluded, “Confronted with such a daily onslaught of animal welfare disasters, it is absolutely incomprehensible that the Liberal Party still choose to ignore this critical public issue.  The need for effective protection for all farm animals and domestic animals is stronger than ever before.  The unprecedented number of public responses to matters of animal cruelty only demonstrates voters’ concerns on these issues.  The Liberals need to listen and respond now!”


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