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10 February 2015 - HSI statement on Ballina shark fatality      


HSI statement on Ballina shark fatality

10 February 2015

Humane Society International (HSI) has issued the following statement after yesterday’s tragic fatality from a shark bite at Shelly Beach, south of Ballina, NSW.

HSI’s thoughts are with the family and friends of surfer Tadashi Nakahara who yesterday lost his life as a result of a shark bite in Northern NSW.

HSI welcomes the NSW Government’s continued commitment not to hunt sharks thought to be responsible for shark bites.

Sharks follow potential food sources such as fish, seals and whales and their presence off our coast is a natural occurrence and is part of normal shark behaviour. HSI is concerned by comments stating that these animals are ‘lurking’ or ‘stalking’ our coasts which is simply not the case. It is also highly unlikely that the shark responsible for the incident at Seven Mile Beach south of Byron Bay, NSW on Sunday, is the same as the one responsible for yesterday’s fatality.

HSI urges the local council and police to call off the search for the shark responsible for yesterday’s fatality. Killing a shark located in the area provides no greater protection for other ocean users. Instead efforts should be put towards assisting with further education of the public on the rare nature of shark bites and how best to minimise this risk even further.”

HSI is available for further comment.


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