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Animals cannot help themselves – they must depend on people who care to fight for them. HSI represents more than 10 million people around the world who care.

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Current and recently supported international grants      

 Current international and recently supported International grants

  1. Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) Integrated Conservation and Development Program – Tanjung Puting National Park, Kalimantan
  2. AusAID (VIDA) Australian volunteer program with HSI as Australian NGO sponsor benefitting FNPF. (Around 8 professionals have so far worked at FNPF offices in Bali)
  3. FNPF – Bali Wildlife Rescue Centre
  4. FNPF – Bali – Nusa Penida – WLT Wildlife Education Program
  5. Funding the Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (AlTo) in Sulawesi for the purchase/management of rainforest and island habitats critical to the conservation of the endangered Maleo bird, marine turtles and flying foxes
  6. Education For Nature Vietnam (ENV) Wildlife Trade Hotline and anti-trade program -(incorporating a multiple small grants program – approximately 10 grants supported )
  7. Recently completed investigation by INTERPOL, funded by HSI, into the global trade in bear parts. The results are now being used by INTERPOL to work closely with range states in combatting illegal bear trade
  8. Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) – Kuta Beach turtle rescue program
  9. The Orangutan Project (AOP) Wildlife Protection Units (Sumatra)
  10. Wildlife SOS India “ForestWatch” national anti-poaching program
  11. Conservation International (CI)  Lemur Conservation Program in Madagascar  -  (incorporating multiple projects - 8 in 2013   - 2014)
  12. Painted Dog Conservation Program (PDC) Zimbabwe
  13. Kilimanjaro Fieldmen anti-poaching program Tanzania (with the Born Free Foundation and Taiwan Forestry Bureau)
  14. Kahuzi-Biega National Park (DRC) eastern lowland gorilla conservation program (with the DRC Government and the Born Free Foundation)
  15. Centre for Rehabilitation of Primates in Lwiro (DRC) chimpanzee rescue
  16. Kafue-KAZA Connectivity Project – painted dog/cheetah, with the Namibian Nature Foundation; Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology; Zambian Wildlife Authority
  17. South Luangwa Conservation Society (Zambia) elephant conservation
  18. Helping secure the Kitenden Wildlife Corridor between the Amboseli Ecosystem (Kenya) and Tanzania’s West Kilimanjaro Ecosystem with the Born Free Foundation and the African Wildlife Foundation
  19. Turtle Conservation Fund (TCF) multiple program (approx. 15 per annum) freshwater turtle and tortoise program in dozens of countries
  20. Albatross conservation in Ecuador and Peru (Nigel Brothers) working with the American Bird Conservancy and local artesian fisherman to implement practical mitigation devices
  21. Disaster relief program in Nepal. Providing resources for the travel and expences of four expert Australian vets to work with the global HSI rescue team


Photo credit  - HSI Vets provide aid to displaced animals in Nepal

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