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Nepal Emergency Response 2015      


Nepal Earthquake 2015 - HSI Emergency Response

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Latest News:

May 24th, 2015

‚ÄčABC News Article: 

Nepal earthquake: International veterinarians working to save valuable animals, many with horrific injuries


May 21st, 2015 

Two more Vets have arrived in Nepal and are helping to assist local animal rescue groups, and the HSI Animal Resuce Team.The vets carried with them 200kg of donated medicines, some from their own surgery supplies.

HSI Vet Cate writes, "Great 1st day in Nepal. Packed up the cars and headed to Melanche in 1 of the hardest hit areas close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Seen some sights of utter destruction but signs of good with cows fractured bones healing and wounds improving. Have seen 10 cases in a couple of hours, changing casts, treating mastitis and a buffalo with fractured ribs and flail chest. Really special to see their owners smile with gratitude for the help we can provide. So far so good."

Photo: Vets headed for Nepal at the Airport with donated medicines and supplies


After Nepal was horribly shaken by a devastating Earthquake on 24th April 2015, HSI sent in a team of Veterinarians and disaster relief experts.   Thousands of animals and people have been affected, with family pets, street dogs and livestock having been killed, injured, or lost. Over the coming days and weeks, HSI disaster responders will continue to work with animal welfare groups and other international organisations in affected areas.  Without help animals will face starvation, dehydration and illness. 

Photo - "A displaced dog in the streets of Kathmandu (c) John Skuja"


Our team of Australian vets are prepared with emergency veterinary supplies, vaccinations, and surgical equipment, to assist local animal welfare groups in the affected areas and we are doing everything to make sure we reach as many animals as possible.

"The HSI team is collaborating with other veterinary agencies in delivering veterinary based disaster relief in Nepal. Here the combined team are sorting out medications and supplies in preparation to head out to earthquake affected rural areas. In the background you can see the provisions including drinking water all brought up from India to insure the team was no drain on local resources. (c) John Skuja HSI Response Team"


Small agricultural villages are some of the areas most affected, and animals are an important presence for the families and communities within these areas. HSI's team has been assessing the earthquake's impact in rural villages, and providing relief for farm animals and dogs who have been going without food and shelter.  Sadly, in some villages, more than a thousand animal deaths have been reported.

One woman in a Sengden village, refused to leave the remains of her home so she didn't leave behind her goats.  The goats are sick with respiratory problems due to the time spent in the rain without shelter, however, HSI have managed to get medicine and food to the animals. 

HSI Vet with sick goat (c) HSI

"Earthquake affected village in Nepal (c) John Skuja"


We urgently need your support to provide veterinary assistance, shelter for lost and abandoned animals, and vaccinations for dogs and farm animals to prevent disease outbreaks.

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"Responders and rebuilding in Nepal; All Photos (c) John Skuja"




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