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Stop the Auction of Rhino Horn      

stop the auctioning of rhino horn in Australia


Victory! Thanks to all of your efforts Lawsons Auction House have removed rhino horns from sale. We will continue to urge the company to remove other items from species such as elephants, and will now be working with Lawsons to ensure that rhino horns are not included in sales in the future.   

The export and import of rhino horns dated from the 1950s is now banned in Australia, but there is no ban on the sale or possession of these items. Demand for rhino horn in international trade has significantly increased in recent years, especially for use in traditional east Asian medicine. The latest reports state that over 900 rhinos have been killed in South Africa so far in 2014, with 62 rhinos being killed in the 10 days between 30 June and 10th July 2014.  Increased vigilance by all countries, including Australia, is critical to help stem this trade.

Regardless of these facts, on Friday 14th November 2014, Lawsons Auctioneer House plans to sell critically endangered African black rhino horns in Sydney for a staggering reserve price of upwards of $50,000 - $70,000.  With less than 5000 black rhinos remaining in Africa, the pressure on the remaining wildlife populations of rhino in Africa, India and South East Asia is such that all efforts must be made to stop rhino horn being trafficked. Even the export of one antique horn from Australia onto south east Asia markets further promotes and encourages trade, perpetuating this devastating cycle of killing.

HSI has written to Lawsons repeatedly, in the hopes of them changing their auction policies regarding the sale of items from species such as rhinos and elephants, and urged them to drop these products from sale in the future. Lawsons have been ignoring our appeals and in doing so are assisting in the trade of rhino and elephant products, and helping to further the crisis currently facing these threatened species.  

Every sale of rhino horn and elephant tusk increases the threat to these beautiful creatures. But we can help end this brutal trade. Thank you for taking action with us. Together, our small steps are making a big difference.

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