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May 2014 African Lions from predator to a percentage      

The collapse in Africa’s wildlife numbers mirrors what is happening around the world. However, while illegal hunting and poaching is rampant, the rapid loss of habitat is just as threatening.
Animals need room for foraging, protection, breeding… and biologists have proved that dispersal areas and migration corridors are essential. But many of Africa’s protected zones are too small for viable populations.  Even the mighty lion is succumbing to the pressure of hunting and habitat loss. Numbering nearly 400,000 in the early 50’s, Africa may have only 35,000 now.  And with Kenya having just 2,000 of them, we are appealing for urgent help in building a life-saving wildlife corridor. 

In southern Kenya, over 80% of large mammals (lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas…) exit from Amboseli National Park into the neighbouring ranches of the Maasai tribe. This exposes them to savage and uncontrolled hunting. However working with our long-term partners, the Born Free Foundation and the African Wildlife Foundation, HSI can help make a difference by connecting Kenya and Tanzania with the Kitenden Wildlife Corridor. Parts of this vital link are already legally recognised in Tanzania but we need to secure more privately owned land to safeguard the connectivity between the Amboseli Ecosystem (Kenya) and Tanzania’s West Kilimanjaro Ecosystem

Your support today will guarantee that this happens and that we also score a tremendous international conservation goal by saving Kenya’s irreplaceable lions and the rich tapestry of wildlife that share their world. Donate today!

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Verna Simpson and Michael Kennedy

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