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Progress Update from SPANA April 2014      



Read the latest update from our project partner SPANA in Mali below:


In July 2013 SPANA received a second installment of $10,000 AUD from HSI Australia, to be put towards the employment of an additional veterinarian in Mali. Thanks to your generosity and patience, the project is now developing well – and we at SPANA would like to take this opportunity to update you on our progress.

There is a huge shortage of veterinarians in Mali due to the lack of a veterinary university in the country and the unsettled security situation. As a suitable new veterinarian could not be found, despite several repeated attempts, HSI Australia kindly approved the upgrade of one of our existing part time vet technicians, Dramane Dissa, to a full time role. 

In February, our veterinary team visited Mali once again, to observe our vet technician Mr Dramane Dissa at work, take some photos and assess the veterinary programme.



Since January of this year Dramane has been working full time in our veterinary clinic in Bamako, funded by your generous grant. Having worked part time for SPANA since 2010, Dramane is a longstanding and experienced member of the team in Mali. He is delighted to have been upgraded to a full time role. Our Country Director, Dr Amadou Doumbia tells us that it was Dramane’s ‘long time dream’ to become a full time member of the SPANA team.


Dramane spends most of his time working on the clinical cases that are presented at the centre, but is also very able when it comes to laboratory work and animal husbandry. Children, the next generation of animal owners, often visit the veterinary centre on school trips as part of SPANA’s animal welfare education programme. This programme aims to increase children’s natural empathy for animals through fun, interactive lessons and visits to SPANA centres. Dramane gives the children tours around the centre, introduces them to some of the animals under SPANA’s care, and encourages them to treat animals with care and compassion.

Thank you once again for your patience with this project so far. We hope you can see the difference Dramane is already making to the welfare of Mali’s working animals, and we look forward to updating you soon.



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