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Orangutan Fundraising Chocolate Drives and Orange Days      


Victoria 2014

Humane Society International is the recent lucky recipient of the effort and hard work by a young Victorian girl who has been raising funds and awareness of the plight of the critically endangered Orangutan. Ten (10) year old Fiona Schilling has spent the past year hosting chocolate drives and "Orange" days at school, where she has distributed our information brochures and collected donations on behalf of the orangutans.  Her coordination with her school and her Girl Guides group has allowed her to raise over $1000.00 for HSI's programs in Sumatra, Boreno and Indonesia and we think this is just remarkable.   At such a young age, her commitment to seeing this project to completion would have required a great deal of time, effort, organization, and responsibility and we are honoured that she chose us and our work to be the recipient of all that wonderful effort.  

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Thank you Fiona!


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