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ProFauna news April 2014      



Read about the latest news from one of HSI's project partners, ProFauna, below:  



ProFauna News April 2014


Dear supporters and partners of ProFauna Indonesia,

February up to early April 2014 has been a busy period for ProFauna Indonesia because we are preparing a special team designated for fighting against illegal wildlife poaching. The special team is called ProFauna's Ranger, consisting of 10 members for this first batch. All the team members work voluntarily, not paid.

ProFauna's Ranger will do regular patrols in nature conservation areas to forestall wildlife poaching. The rangers will also collaborate with the related authorities in fighting wildlife crimes.

When ProFauna's Ranger was officially launched in the end of March 2014, many of ProFauna's supporters in different regions in Indonesia expressed their interest to become a ranger. They suggest that such teams should also be formed in other regions too, for instance in West Java, Central Java, Sumatra, and Borneo. Hopefully that expectation could be brought about in the future.

Further information about ProFauna's ranger can be read here.

After the launching, it did not take long for ProFauna's Ranger to make a breakthrough. The team gave a great assistance to the Police of Jember and the Nature Conservation Agency of East Java in seizing a large-scale wildlife dealer. The seizure was made possible by a series of thorough investigations to collect information, which was conducted by ProFauna's Ranger. More about this action can be read here.

It was a great beginning for ProFauna's Ranger. Although the team is still very young, does not have much financial resource, and the members are 100% volunteers, ProFauna's Ranger will surely work hard to protect Indonesian wildlife from illegal poaching and trade! Watch for their next strike!


ProFauna Indonesia


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