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The Fur Trade - Fur Free Fashion Designers      


fur free fashion designers

Humane Society International supports the following compassionate fashion designers who have pledged not to use real fur in their designs, supporting a fur free and cruelty free society.  

This list acts a useful resource for Store Buyers who are keen to show compassion in fashion, choosing new collections from our list of dedicated fur free designers.

Designers marked with an asterisk (*) below are also fur free and their names were kindly provided courtesy of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA Australia). Those marked with two asterisks (**) were kindly provided courtesy of Animals Australia:

Akira Isogawa *
Alannah Hill *
Alex Perry 
Alexi Freeman *
Amar *
Amore and Sorvete *
Amy Kaehne *
Andrea Wolf *
Annika Louise **
AnnieWho *
Artsu *
ARX Pty Ltd (Amber Renae)
Aurelio Costarella 
Bambam Cloth *
Benetton Group
Bernice Sara *
blanc+delta *
Calvin Klein **
Camilla and Marc *
Camilla Franks *
Carly Hunter *
Chinky Wooster (Lucinda Crimson) *
Constance & Violet *
Courtney Meyer *
DavisEyes *
Deadly Ponies *
Deborah Sweeny *
Dev r Nil *
Dhini *
Eco Logika (Charlene O'Brie) *
Elisabeth Findlay *
Emma Wallace *
Extinct (Simon Foretti) *
Fernando Frisoni *
Fleur Wood
Gail Elliott *
Gail Sorronda
Garth Cook *
Gary Bigeni *
Ginger and Smart *
Hayley & Lauri Smith (Serpant and the Swan) *
Helly Hansen **
High Tea with Mrs. Woo
Hugo Boss (Fur Free from 2016)
Jane Rhodes *
Jayson Brunsdon *
Jessie Hill *
Jolet *
Josh Goot *
Joveeba *
Justin Davis *
Karen Walker *
Kartique *
Kate Sylvester *
Ken Done
Kirrily Johnston *
Kiss Me Quick (Simone Wale) *
Kit Willow *
Kornerd *
Kristine Crabb *
Kuwaii (Kristy Barber) *
Leanne Lim *
Leonard Street (Amanda McCarthy)
Limedrop *
Lisa Taranto *
Livia Arena *
Liza Emanuele *
Lucie Boshier *
Malan Breton *
Marc Bouwer
Margi Evans-Milich (Label: Sabatini) *
Marnie Skillings
Mary Kyri *
Maurie and Eve *
Megan Park *
Megan Salmon *
Melly *
Mira Vukovic (Mad Cortes) *
Miss Erika *
Mjolk *
My Pet Square (Vicki Lee and Angelique May-Bennett) *
Nathan Smith *
Nicola Finetti
Nique *
One Teaspoon *
PeppermintMilk (Maevana Mitchell) *
Paul Smith
Peter Alexander
Rachel Gilbert *
Ralph Lauren **
Ro London
Samantha Wills *
Serpent and the Swan (Hayley and Lauri Smith) *
Sewn *
Shadows and Dust (Stephen Jones) *
Shona Joy *
ShowOff *
Silence is Golden *
Something (Natalie Wood) *
Song for the Mute *
Sosume - (Alex, Paulina, Rachel and Wil) *
Spencer Webber *
Stella McCartney
Stephanie Conley *
Stolen Girlfriends Club *
Subfusco *
Talulah (Kelli Wharton) *
Tato & Memi *
The Cassette Society *
Thousand Reasons *
Thurley (Helen O'Connor) * 
Tim O'Connor
Todd Oldham
Tommy Hilfiger **
Trelise Cooper *
Tú *
Valerie Tolosa *
Vicious Threads *
Vicki Taylor * 
Vivian Chan Shaw
White Suede (Jacqui Demkiw) *
Xenheist *
Yeojin Bae *

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