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The Fur Trade - Dog and Cat Fur       


dog and cat fur

skinned catsIn 2004, an estimated 2 million cats and dogs thanked the Prime Minister and the Customs Minister after they announced the ban of the import of products made from cat and dog fur into Australia. So too did the 70,000 Australians who signed Humane Society International' s petition to the Prime Minister calling for the ban. This followed the exposure of the horrific cruelty involved in the global cat and dog fur trade in a 2003 undercover investigation lasting 18 months, and discovering the grisly products on sale in Australia.

Today an estimated 10 million cats and dogs are slaughtered for fur, driven by an increase in demand in the last few years. HSI' s investigation revealed appalling abuses at fur farms in Asia and the public response was overwhelming, attracting the biggest outcry every seen from an HSI campaign. Australia' s import ban followed countries like the United States, Italy, Denmark, France,and Sweden, that had already acted to ban cat and dog fur or have laws passing through their legislatures. 

Despite the ban, illegal imports are reaching Australian retailers, mainly from China where there are no laws to protect animals from cruelty. Under the cover of ' ˜legal' fur imports, our investigations have established that dog and cat fur is entering Australia in huge quantities.

The International trade in dog and cat fur is increasing and the level of cruelty this industry tolerates is horrendous. The industry makes no distinction between strays and pets, rounding up any they can find. There has even been an escalation in the kidnapping of domestic cats and dogs in Asia which demonstrates the tragedy behind the horrific market, some even still wearing their collars. HSI is sure you find it as unacceptable as we do that someone' s family pet could be gracing the collar or trim of a garment in your wardrobe. Animals are killed in the most inhumane ways possible, and many are skinned alive to save time and preserve their pelts.


As there is no requirement to identify the species that has been killed on the garment label, there is no way of knowing what you are wearing. The Asian markets are aware we are not likely to buy domestic pet fur, so it may be labelled rabbit, specify no species at all, or even labelled faux fur.

Many stores are now aware of the extent of the cruelty of this trade and have refused to stock fur, and HSI hopes you too will consider the abhorrent cruelty these animals are subjected to in the name of fashion. You can learn more about HSI's investigation into this horrible trade here.  If you want to find out what you can do to help to put a stop to this trade, click here


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