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Protect the Places You Love - Latest News      

Protect the Places you Love - Latest News

Latest News 2015


ALP takes the correct legal road while the Coalition still set on environmental disaster

24th March 2015 click here 

Latest News 2014


assessment of the adequacy of threatened species and planning laws

Updated September 2014 download pdf  (2,768 kB)

federal government walking away from environment

9th September 2014 click here 

d-day for national environment laws 

1st September 2014 click here 

handing environment powers to the states a debacle for industry

18th August 2014 download PDF (215 kB) 

beautiful one day, ruined the next: the top 10 reasons queensland can't be trusted with federal environment laws

8th August 2014 click here

australia needs better environment laws, not weaker ones 

6th August 2014 Download PDF (215 kB)

australians reject abbott government's efforts to fast track fracking, dredging and deforestation

31st July 2014 Download PDF (607 kB)

Stronger national laws required to protect Australia’s threatened species

2nd July 2014  Download PDF (215 kB)

Senate inaction threatens places Australians love

24th June 2014 Download PDF (98 kB)

Tasmanian World Heritage decision highlights need for wholesale review of nature protections

24th June 2014 Download PDF (214 kB)

United Nations rules Great Barrier Reef in trouble:  Federal Government should not leave the Reef in Newman’s hands

19th June 2014 Download PDF (215 kB)

One stop shop breaches international treaty obligations

4th June 2014 click here

HSI letter to the executive secretary of the convention of migratory species

4th June 2014 download pdf (123 kB)

HSI letter to the secretary general of the ramsar convention 

4th June 2014 download pdf (123 kB)

Leadbeaters possum at risk as federal government hands environment powers to states

4th June 2014 download pdf (221 kB)

media statement: government in free-fall on nature protection

14th May 2014 download pdf (233kB)

local governments to take the reins on national decisions

14th May 2014 click here

Horror week for the environment a sign of things to come

11th May 2014 download pdf (235kB)

media release: 'One-stop-shop' will create legal nightmare

1st May 2014 download pdf (216kB)

House of representatives Inquiry: streamlining environmental regulations, 'green tape' and 'one-stop-shops' for environmental assessments and approvals

30th April 2014 download pdf (844 kB)

HSI submission: Inquiry into streamlining environmental regulation, 'green tape', and 'one-stop-shops' 

29th April 2014 download pdf (163kB)


19th March 2014 download PDF (70 kBs)

2013 NEWS


Protecting Our Threatened Wildlife Isn't Just Green Tape

26th September 2013 click here

Coalition risks being remembered as environmental vandals

19th September 2013 click here  HSI Michael Kennedy's Opinion Piece ABC Environment Online

HSI suggests Tim Flannery as Threatened Species Commissioner and calls on all parties to commit to funding a major National Threatened Species Program that retains Commonwealth Powers

23rd August 2013 click here

HSI applauds EPBC Act listing of Murray Darling Basin ecological communities 

22nd August 2013 click here

Handing over environmental approvals to states threatens nature and business

20th August 2013 download PDF (222 kB)

Commonwealth acts to retain environmental powers - but more can be done

17th July 2013 click here

Coalition policy risks disastrous outcomes for our wildlife

8th July 2013 click here

NSW moves to destroy Environmental laws, the Commonwealth must act now!

14th June 2013 click here

Time to take handover of environmental powers off the table for good

27th March 2013 download PDF (173.2 kB)

Green tape 'risks choking $200bn in export projects' - The Australian

25th March 2013 download PDF (887 kB)

New Water Trigger a historic win for the community but handover threat remains

22ndth March 2013 download PDF (191.5 kB)

Water decisions will be useless if environmental powers go to states

18th March 2013 download PDF (167.8 kB)

Red Herrings on Green Tape

1st March 2013 download PDF (105.5 kB)

Send Prime Minister Gillard and Environmental Minister burke a Valentine's Card to protect the places you love

1th February 2013 click here

2012 NEWS


minister burke's epbc revamp threatens manly's north head national heritage

by Dr Judy Lambert AM download PDF

Time to listen to the community and take transfer of environmental powers off the table

December 7th 2012 click here

Federal Government must drop plans to transfer environmental powers

December 6th 2012 download PDF (161 kB)

Business and PM meet in private to gut environment protection

December 6th 2012 download PDF

sir david attenborough urges prime minister not to abandon national environmental powers

23rd November 2012 click here

2011 NEWS


Opinion Piece: red tape protects the most endangered 

25th August 2011

Click here to read HSI's Nicola Beynon's Opinion Piece on ABC Environment Online or Download PDF (304 kB)





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