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Latest News 2018


15th March 2018 click here

Latest News 2017


18th December 2017 click here

gucci ditches fur as animal cruelty puts the bite on fashion industry (Sydney morning herald)

14 October 2017 click here

plight of the 'monster foxes': harrowing footage shows over-sized caged animals with huge pelts and rolls of folded skin deliberately bred to be fat in finnish fur farms (daily mail)

25 August 2017 click here

why fur-free is the future of fashion (huffington post)

16 August 2017 click here

real animal fur sold as fake on british high street (sky news)

10 April 2017 click here

Latest News 2016

flawed laws means your faux fur could come from dogs and cats (huffington post canada)

22nd September 2016 click here

fur farms still unfashionably cruel, critics say (national geographic)

17th August 2016 click here

is your leather from china? it might be made of dog or cat skin (the guardian)

31st July 2016 click here

peta loses battle to keep fur out of fashion (The australian)

30th May 2016 download PDF (221 kb)

meet the man who convinced armani to give up fur

30th March 2016 click here

fashion designer armani goes fur-free (hsi media release)

23rd March 2016 click here

nearly 8 million chinese citizens vote online to support legislative proposal against cruel dog and cat meat (hsi media release)

15th March 2016 click here

fur farm cruelty exposed: fox and raccoon dogs dying for bobble hats and hooded coats

19th February 2016 click here

lacking infurmation: are we becoming a nation of accidental fur buyers?

21st January 2016 click here

Latest News 2015

animal pelts in UK high street sold as fake fur

20th December 2015 click here

the chinese 'house of horrors' where 10,000 rabbits are skinned every day

10th December 2015 click here

faux fur or real? how british high street shops have been 'misleading' customers

25th November 2015 click here

south korean dog meat farmer & humane society international join forces to close farm, rescue dogs, and urge end to dog meat trade (hsi media release)

18th September 2015 click here

open thread: is it acceptable to wear fur?

23rd January 2015 click here

Latest News 2014


the fur industry has a very dark side

10th June 2014 click here

annie brown: women should be ashamed to be seen in fur

19th March 2014 click here

Dubai's Mahiki bans guests wearing fur

4th March 2014 click here

Exclusive London nightclub bans fur-wearing celebrities

27th February 2014 click here

No more fur at Zara, Bershka and Massimo Dutti

13th February 2014 click here

Israel: pam Anderson asks pm to support bill banning fur sales

23rd January 2014 click here

Latest News 2013



Business on Focus Magazine March 2013 click here  

think angora is the only cruel fabric on the High Street?  Think again... (UK Daily Mail)

30th December 2013 click here

Local designer goes fur free in national contest

14th November 2013 click here

Is the fur trade sustainable?

29th October 2013 click here

Harvey Nichols boss quits amid fur furore: animal rights campaigners target department store's fashion director over fur-trimmed clothes

13th October 2013 click here

Fashion icon twiggy tells fashion week to reject real fur

13th September 2013 click here

NSPCA warns against the sale of fake fake fur

10th September 2013 click here

Amsterdam council makes 'moral appeal' to shopkeepers over fur

4th September 2013 click here

Fur flies over Sydney fashion festival

29th August 2013 click here

Norway: fur farming probe welcomed

27th August 2013 click here

England's ceremonial mayors eschew for to support animal rights

22nd July 2013 click here

Purr trade: Switzerland struggles with a black market in house-cat skins

15th June 2013 click here

The cruel reality of fashion's coolest coat: were peacocks plucked alive to make Burberry's £22,000 trench?

13th March 2013 click here

Real fur mislabeled and called faux fur at century 21

7th March 2013 click here

HSI congratulates CEO of Melbourne fashion festival for shedding its fur - read our letter thanking them for their decision...

6th March 2013 download pdf (28.6 kb)

Norway's labour party backs fur farm phaseout

12th February 2013 click here

PETA strikes back at Bebe for allegedly lying about fur clothes

28th January2013 click here

Woody Harrelson wants 2013 to be fur-free

22nd January2013 click here

China's fur sales to be strong in upcoming decade

15th January 2013 click here

Latest News 2012

How the fake fur boom has brought real fur back to the high street

23rd December 2012 click here

Dutch law will ban mink farming by 2024

18th December 2012 click here

Liam Gallagher praised for boycotting fur

27th November 2012 click here

Is the fake fur you're buying really faux?

9th November 2012 click here

ASOS scoops innovation prize for animal welfare

29th October 2012 click here

Furs stripped as chains pledge to lose the pelts  (The Age)

28th October 2012  click here

World first - all Australian department stores ban real fur  (HSI media release)

19th October 2012  click here

Myer ends sale of all fur products as tastes change  (Sydney Morning Herald)

13-14 October 2012  download pdf (110.4 kb)

Myer bans fur  (The Age)

13th October 2012  download pdf (202 kb)

Myer makes historic move and goes fur free!  (HSI media release)

12th October 2012   click here

Animal rights groups utilise 'citizen initiatives' to push Finnish fur ban

24th September 2012  click here

Lady gaga steps up her eccentric dress sense by wearing a fox fur scarf in Germany

6th September 2012  click here


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