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Latest News - Live Export Trade      

Latest News - Live Export Trade

Latest News - 2017


twiggy's minderoo rejects rinehart's cattle export plan (the west australian)

8th May 2017 click here

live export sheep stressed and seasick in shipping pens, queensland study finds (abc online)

10th March 2017 click here

Latest News - 2016


live animal export: monitoring sheep for the long haul (splash 24/7)

1st November 2016 click here

renewed calls for live export shut down after 'sacrifice' video (9 news)

19th October 2016 click here

live animal export: blindsided (splash 24/7)

25th September 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

live animal export: reject the rejects (splash 24/7)

22nd September 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

widespread breaches of livestock welfare during eid festival, animals australia claims (abc rural)

15th September 2016 click here

live animal export: born on the high seas (splash 24/7)

13th September 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

live animal export: injuries onboard (splash 24/7)

5th September 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

live animal export: at risk from pirates (splash 24/7)

17th August 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

live animal export: animal hospitals at sea (splash 24/7)

8th August 2016 click here - WARNING: Aricle contains some graphic images and descriptions

live animal export: shipping's high risk moving feast (splash 24/7)

20th July 2016 click here - WARNING: Article contains some graphic images and descriptions

call for independent vets on live-ex ships (queensland country life)

24th June 2016 click here

vet removed for exposing appalling conditions on live export ships (abc online)

22nd June 2016 click here

vietnam cattle cruelty: email leak suggests live export industry puts profit before animal welfare (abc news)

18th June 2016 click here

animals australia video shows cattle being killed with sledgehammers in vietnam (smh)

17th June 2016 click here

arguments for live export trade ring hollow

31st March 2016 click here

Live export sheep and cattle die on ship stranded in perth for 10 days

10th January 2016 click here

cruel fate: up to 13,000 animals still trapped aboard live trade vessel (HSI Medie Release)

7th January 2016 click here

Latest News - 2015


why are australian livestock still turning up in places where they are treated cruelly?

21st October 2016 click here

animals australia investigator says welfare breaches in the middle east during festival of eid were in the thousands

14th October 2015 click here

aussie sheep sold in 'cruel' kuwait market

24th July 2015 click here

beyond coincidence, another shark attack following live trade vessel departure (hsi media release)

26th June 2015 click here

escas alternative at pilot stage

24th June 2015 click here

Latest News - 2014


Live trade vet speaks out

June 2014 dowload pdf (592kB)

northern territory live export boom

22nd May 2014 click here

Alec defends welfare standards

22nd May 2014 click here

export probe reveals cruelty

2nd May 2014 click here

cattle caught in limbo

2nd May 2014 click here

Chief veterinary officer's endorsement of live trade exposed for lack of science 

2nd May 2014 click here 

rogue trader claims put live export industry at risk

15th April 2014 click here

live export industry denies Andrew wilkie a boat trip

15th April 2014 click here

gaza cops live cattle export ban

7th April 2014 click here

egypt trade resumption 'premature'

24th March 2014 click here

Joyce moves to revoke MoU's (Farm Weekly)

7th March 2014  click here

rule change may trigger export surge

1st March 2014 click here

live export deaths total almost 15,000 with middle east the deadliest route

24th February 2014 click here

anger at bid to reopen live exports

11th February 2014 click here

mass sheep death on horror voyage

16th January 2014 click here

Latest news 2013


Middle east replacing live cattle with expensive cuts

13th December  2013 click here

New video of Australian animals being mistreated in Mauritius alarms activists

7th November  2013 click here

Animals angels takes AG Dept to court over exports

30th October  2013 click here

Sydney ferries rejects PETA advertisement

30th October  2013 click here

Alleged Escas breaches being investigated

15th October  2013 click here

Joyce to review cattle export rules

1st October  2013 click here

Pearl of para cattle restart Israel trip

19th September 2013 click here

Indonesians can buy our land but shouldn't ship live cattle

17th September 2013 click here

Animal justice party pledges to shut down live exports with industry campaign

4th September 2013 click here

Livestock exporter investigated over cruelty footage

7th August 2013 click here

Assessing Australia's regulation of live animal exports

29th July 2013 click here

Report declares slaughter boxes humane

24th July 2013 click here

Sheep cull report clears Wellard

24th July 2013 click here

Live export surge

17th July 2013 click here

The northern cattle industry: no longer rudderless

9th July 2013 click here

Australia looks into alleged live export breaches in vietnam

8th July 2013 click here

Indonesian fatwa against stunning cattle

19th June 2013 click here

Bendigo Greens, Labor candidates call for live export changes

17th June 2013 click here

Offer for cameras to keep watch on livestock exports

3rd June 2013 click here

Investigators sent to Malaysia over goat abuse allegations

9th May 2013 click here

Live animal exports a struggle to the death

8th May 2013 click here

Cattle slaughter in topsy turvy land

7th May 2013 click here

Horrific video from Egypt shows dark side of live exports

7th May 2013 click here

vets attack live ex ships

12th March 2013 click here

Ruling on Qatar deaths

12th March 2013 click here

MP calls for review of live exports

14th February 2013 download pdf  (709.8 kb)

'Brutality' to Australian sheep in Kuwait

11th February 2013 click here

Sheep at 'banned' markets

11th February 2013 click here

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