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Latest News Animal Testing      

Latest news Animal Testing




01st June 2017 click here

animal welfare groups call government's proposed cosmetic animal testing ban 'flawed' (abc online)

12th May 2017 click here

federal budget commits funding for australia to ban cosmetics animal testing and trade (Joint Media Release: Be Cruelty-free australia, hsi and humane research australia)

12th May 2017 click here

lush cosmetics relaunches new shampoo bar (wdiv detroit)

11th April 2017 click here

canada is one step closer to banning cosmetic animal testing (huffington post canada)

3rd January 2017 click here



taiwan to end cosmetic animal testing by 2019 (veg news)

1st November 2016 click here

testing times for animal welfare (financial times)

29th September 2016 click here

european ban on animal testing for cosmetics upheld (retail detail europe)

23rd September 2016 click here

australia to ban cosmetics animal testing and trade (HSI Media release)

3rd June 2016 click here

china, cosmetic animal testing and cruelty-free: untangling the web (Huffington Post - blog by Troy Seidle, director of research & toxicology at Humane Society International)

31st May 2016 click here

switzerland commits to animal testing ban following green party motion

11th March 2016 click here

beagles will no longer be used for health canada pesticide safety test

7th March 2016 click here

unlawful use of animals in surgery in Sydney but no prosecutions

14th February 2016 click here

cosmetics industry and animal testing

27th January 2016 click here

baboons used in 'frankenstein-like' medical experiments

24th January 2016 click here



aussie labs experiment on live dogs, kill 100

8th December 2015 click here

cosmetics testing: will Japan go cruelty-free?

26th October 2015 click here

H&M is joining the humane society to end animal cruelty in the fast-fashion world

9th September click here

the top 'cruelty-free' make-up brands testing on animals abroad

30th June 2015 click here

australia failing to protect non-human primates in research

7th May 2015 click here


be cruelty-free new zealand welcomes labour pledge to ban cosmetics animal testing

16th July 2014 click here

china implements rule change in first step towards ending animal testing of cosmetics (hsi media release)

1st July 2014 click here

japan urged to make its cosmetics 'cruelty-free' 

3rd June 2014 click here

india has done it, china is about to do it, where is Australia? (hsi media release)

28th May 2014 click here

chinese scientists learn cosmestics testing without animals ahead of new regulations

29th April 2014 click here

human skin grown in lab can replace animal testing

24th April 2014 click here

UK: monkeys suffer brain damage for clinical tests

7th April 2014 click here

ricky gervais gets lippy about  cosmetics cruelty, urges australians to support bill to ban cosmetics Animal testing (hsi media release)

31st March, 2014 click here

breakthroughs might mean end of animal testing (sydney morning herald)

26th March 2014 click here

china southern airline stops shipping primates after activists campaigns

22nd March 2014 click here

Go cruelty free: how to make your beauty regime animal-friendly

20th March 2014 click here

nz: govt considers cosmetic animal testing ban

20th March 2014 click here

be cruelty-free campaign backed by global stars, launches in tokyo to end cosmetics animal testing in japan (hsi media release)

17th March 2014 click here

senator lee rhiannon applauded for bill to end cosmetics animal testing down under (hsi media releasE)

17th March 2014 click here

greens to push for ban on cosmetics tested on animals

16th March 2014 click here

Body Shop removes all its products from Chinese duty-free stores

12th March 2014 click here

Choice slams The Body Shop over 'no animal testing' claims

11th March 2014 click here

second annual be cruelty-free week launches in 12 countries (hsi media release)

10th March 2014 click here

Legislation introduced to ban cosmetics testing on animals in U.S. (Petition) (Examiner) 

6th March 2014 click here

Protozoa show potential for cosmetic testing

24th February 2014  click here

India ends animal testing for household products

30th January 2014  click here

Sao Paulo goes cruelty-free

28th January 2014  click here

In Singapore, actress Liv Lo says testing cosmetics on animals is unacceptable

20th January 2014  click here

Latest News 2013

It's a good day to be a bunny: China phasing out animal testing

7th November 2013  click here

L'oreal launches ambitious green plan, but stumbles on animal testing regulations

29th October 2013  click here

Animal testing: Asia shows growing interest for alternatives

14th October 2013  click here

China changes law on animal testing for cosmetics

1st October 2013  click here 

Owain Yeoman and Leona Lewis say 'bunnies are for hugging'

26th September 2013  click here

Leona Lewis & Owain Yeoman photo campaign says bunnies are for hugging, not hurting in cosmetics tests

27th September 2013  click here

Iran looks to send persian cat into space

17th September 2013  click here

3D cancer device cuts animal testing

11th September 2013  click here

UK: outrage as major UK charity uses donations to fund vivisection tests on dogs

2nd September 2013  click here

NZ - A great ay for beagle puppies

30th August 2013  click here

Labor flags post-election ban on cosmetics testing on animals

29th August 2013  click here

NZ - Parliament asked to ban testing legal highs on animals

29th August 2013  click here

China animal testing complicates L'oreal's expansion

21st August 2013  click here

Animals in research: do the costs outweigh the benefits?

7th August 2013  click here

Italy bans all animal testing of recreational drugs

5th August 2013  click here

NZ: animal advocates urge PM to 'hop to it' on testing ban

24th July 2013  click here

Animal testing - it's time to talk about it again

18th July 2013  click here

Animal studies 'often biased'

17th July 2013  click here

Research on animals in UK rises by 8% to exceed 4 million procedures

17th July 2013  click here

'Sold in China' could take on new meaning in campaign to end cosmetics animal testing

15th July 2013  click here

Animal rights: this victory needs no make-up

6th July 2013  click here

Philippine airlines ends transport of animals for cruel research and experimentation

11th July 2013  click here

Activists push for animal testing ban in China

3rd July 2013  click here

China: campaign begins to end cosmetics animal testing

2nd July 2013  click here

HSUS invests in tech company to replace animal testing

1st July 2013  click here

Animal protectionists call for ending cosmetics animal testing in China

29th June 2013  click here

Be cruelty-free campaign welcomes historic ban on cosmetics animal testing in India

28th June 2013  click here

Commissioner Borg sees "first signs of acceptance of alternative methods in China"

25th June 2013  click here

Companies should come clean and join forces to end animal-tested cosmetics

14th May 2013  click here

Top cosmetics brands 'lying to customers about animal testing'

6th May 2013  click here

As EU bans animal-tested cosmetics, actress Pippa Black joins be cruelty-free campaign call for Australia to end cosmetics cruelty

11th March 2013  download pdf (451.9 kb)

Revlon, Hello Kitty and other companies with questionable policies on animal testing

7th March 2013  click here

Of mice, medicine and man - doubt has been cast on billions of dollars worth of medical research that used mice to test theories

28th February 2013  click here

As Europe bans sale of animal-tested cosmetics, Lush and HSI CEO's call on Australian beauty industry to end cosmetics cruelty

25th February 2013  click here

A scientific indictment of animal research and testing (by Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, the Humane Society of the United States)

20th February 2013  click here

UK to lead in search for animal test alternatives 

10th February 2013  click here

Molton Brown certified by cruelty free international 

6th February 2013  click here

'Animal testing ban signals a great victory in Europe, and should see other markets take note' 

31st January 2013  click here

EU set to ban animal testing for cosmetics forever 

31st January 2013  click here

Paul Mitchell pledge furthers cruelty-free campaign

15th January 2013  click here

US airline drops lab test monkeys

9th January 2013  click here

Israel bans cosmetics tested on animals

1st January 2013  click here

Latest News 2012


Actress Debasree Roy supports Humane Society International's Be Cruelty-Free campaign to end cosmetics animal testing in India

12th December 2012  click here



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