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Greyhound Racing      

Greyhound Racing

Australia represents the 3rd largest greyhound racing industry in the world, with New South Wales being home to 34 of the 77 race tracks.  The industry is fraught with allegations of animal cruelty, corruption, over-breeding, and the use of illegal drugs.  HSI feels strongly that the use of greyhounds for racing is inhumane and supports a ban of the 'sport'.

HSI strongly advocates for an end to greyhound racing in NSW and throughout Australia.  Despite the NSW Premier's decision to reverse the ban which was announced on 10th October 2016, HSI will continue to advocate for a nationwide ban on greyhound racing and we thank all of our supporters who have helped us throughout this campaign.


What You Can Do

  • Contact The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, NSW Premier, to ask for greyhound racing in New South Wales to be banned. This would be a momentous advance for animal welfare, saving thousands of animals from mistreatment and cruelty. Let her know that despite their promises, you believe that the greyhound racing industry is incapable of reform. Her contact details are:
  • By email to office@premier.nsw.gov.au and willoughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au
  • By post to Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, NSW Premier & Member for Willoughby, 28 Willoughby Road, NAREMBURN NSW 2065
  • By phone (02) 9439 4199
  • Contact Mr Luke Foley MP, NSW Opposition Leader, who announced that the Labor party will oppose the move to ban greyhound racing and let him know that you are one of the 85% NSW voters who support the ban.  Let him know that despite any attempts at reform, the animal welfare problems continue to be widespread. His contact details are:
  • By email to auburn@parliament.nsw.gov.au or leader.opposition@parliament.nsw.gov.au 
  • By post to Parliament House, Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000, or Mr Luke Foley MP, 54-58 Amy Street, Regents Park NSW 2143
  • By phone (02) 9230 2310 or (02) 9644 6972.
  • Consider adopting a greyhound – there are a number of independent adoption groups.
  • Please don't support or bet on a greyhound race.


Injuries from racing are common and may include broken legs, paralysis, head trauma, or cardiac arrest from the exertion. Alarmingly, accounts of greyhounds being killed inhumanely are widely reported.  The industry has also been under scrutiny for allegations of the use of performance enhancing drugs, using live animals as bait during training, as well as links to motorcycle clubs and associated criminal activity.

Fortunately, the New South Wales government opened an inquiry into greyhound racing in 2013 and called for submissions from the public.  An astounding number of submissions were received, reportedly over 2,000. Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) demanded $154 million in funds from the government, but as Australian taxpayers, we want no further part of this cruel industry.

Thousands of greyhounds are bred for racing in Australia each year and the issue of over-breeding is of major concern – HSI believes no animal should die in the name of ‘sport’.  An industry that frequently kills dogs that are purpose-bred, and healthy, simply because they get injured or cannot run fast enough should be deemed unacceptable.  The vast surplus of dogs has fueled the use of greyhounds in research, for teaching in vet schools, and as a live export ‘commodity’.  Tragically, most exported greyhounds have ended up at the Canidrome in Macau, China, which is renowned for appalling conditions and high death rates.

In February 2014, Greyhound Racing Authorities in NSW and Victoria announced new animal welfare regulations placing tighter controls on breeding and compliance. The licence type will now limit how many greyhounds a trainer will be allowed to train, and dogs will be required to stay with a registered owner for their lifetime, unless retired as a pet.  Whilst this is a promising move in the right direction, it fails to go far enough.

The state parliamentary inquiry involved a series of Forums and Public Hearings with the final one coinciding with the ‘Gone are the Dogs Rally’ hosted by Greyhound Freedom on 6th February 2014 (see photo above), supported by HSI.  To read HSI's Submission on the Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in New South Wales (November 2013), click this link: Download PDF (221.1 kB).  If you would like to read more about the State Parliamentary Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in NSW, click here.


Photo (top): Racing Greyhounds by Francois Loubser, Shutterstock
Photo (above): 'Gone Are The Dogs' Rally by Georgie Dolphin, HSI Australia


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