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Extinction Denied Program

​​History and Overview

  • Wildlife & Habitat Protection
  • Biodiversity Hotspots Conservation
  • National Heritage Conservation
  • Conservation Treaties
  • Marine Conservation
  • Antarctic Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Legal Actions
  • International Small Grants
  • Wildlife Land Trust
  • Humane Society International was established in Australia in 1994
  • HSI Australia has 40,000 supporters in Australia
  • HSI is part of The Humane Society of the United States and our combined membership makes us one of the largest animal protection organisations with over 12 million supporters globally.

Selected Achievements

  • Passage of the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC)biodiversity
  • Passage of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act, 1995 and threatened species amendments to the NSW Fisheries Management Act, 1994
  • Passage of 'heritage'  and 'wildlife trade'  amendments to the EPBC
  • Legal actions in the Federal Court, Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the NSW Appeals Tribunal and the Supreme Court of Victoria covering the conservation of the southern bluefin tuna, the grey headed flying fox, minke whales, Asian elephants, Bennett's wallabies, Tasmania pademelon and brush tailed possum and a major multi-species fishery - financially supporting many others
  • The listing of 'key threatening processes'  under Commonwealth and state law, including climate change; land clearing; prawn trawling; marine debris and longline fishing
  • The listing and protection of over a hundred marine & terrestrial threatened species under international, Federal & State law
  • Multi-million dollar Commonwealth biodiversity hotspot policy initiated, worth over $50 million
  • Additional protection for millions of hectares of marine & terrestrial habitats under Commonwealth heritage laws with millions more awaiting adjudication
  • The protection of nearly 4 million acres of threatened ecological communities under Federal & State law with millions more awaiting adjudication
  • biodiversityKey NGO in the development of the Regional Natural Heritage Program, allocating $10 million to biodiversity hotspots conservation in South East Asia and the Pacific and leveraging a further $13 million
  • Establishment of a HSI small grants program supporting on-ground biodiversity conservation activities in Asia, India and Africa (nearly $2 million in allocated & leveraged monies supporting over 100 projects)
  • Key role in the negotiation processes under the Migratory Species Convention for new regional agreements protecting albatross, whales, sharks, dugongs and turtles
  • Protection for the Great White Shark under global species trade & migratory agreements
  • Establishment of a whale sanctuary in Australia' s EEZ and around Australia' s Antarctic Territory under the EPBC

Government Advisory Roles

  • National State of the Environment Reporting Council
  • Biological Diversity Advisory Council
  • Australian Heritage Council
  • National Oceans Advisory Group
  • Federal Endangered Species Advisory CommitteeBiodiversity Hotspots Expert Advisory Committee
  • Regional Biodiversity Hotspots Program Taskforce
  • Australian Government Delegations to various treaties
  • Various national threat abatement plans and species recovery teams

Climate Change & Biological Diversity

  • Helped influence the Commonwealth Government to announce in 2007, the establishment of the $200 million, Global Initiative on Forests and Climate
  • HSI team at Bali in 2007 helped ensure that forest/biodiversity protection became a part of the climate change negotiations ' Bali Road Map' 
  • As an adviser to Australian biodiversity convention delegation in 2008, helped ensure the establishment of a working group to advise on climate change negotiations of carbon/biodiversity co-benefits
  • Provided seed monies to support work of UNEP in overlaying important global areas for both carbon and biodiversity conservation to guide States post Kyoto 2

Further Habitat Protection Achievements

  • Establishment of the Wildlife Land Trust (WLT) in Australia, with an initial 20 sanctuaries. The WLT has over 150 sanctuaries globally coveringMichael Kennedy
    around 1.8 million acres in 8 countries
  • 64 Ramsar wetland sites where given significantly improved protection with the passage of the EPBC Act in 2000, in which HSI was a key player
  • In a workshop sponsored by HSI, the Australian Government and the Australian Museum, 15 National Biodiversity Hotsots were identified and later recognised by the Commonwealth for priority conservation program resources
  • The biodiversity hotspots program HSI helped initiate, eventually contributed to the purchase of 9 properties covering roughly 1.3 million hectares (over 3 million acres) for conservation purposes

Project and Animal Protection Activities


  • HSI has been supporting the work of the Friends of the National Parks Foundation (FNPF) in Tanjung Puting National Park in Kalimantan since 2000. HSI has helped secured funds for FNPF' s work in Kalimantan from the Australian Government
  • HSI is supporting the Australian Orangutan Program in Indonesia which is using `Wildlife Protection Units' to protect orangutans, tigers, elephants and sun bears in the Bukit Tigapuluh landscape area in Sumatra

Marine Turtles

Sea TurtleSea Turtle

  • HSI has worked on a broad range of turtle conservation initiatives in Australia and in the region over the last 12 years. This includes supporting the successful turtle protection efforts of ProFauna in Bali since 2000; helping achieve international conservation agreements under the Convention on Migratory Species and securing national protection and recovery programs under Australian national law


  • HSI has been involved in a range of bear protection activities since 1994, focusing on identifying and combating the global illegal trade in bear parts, and has contributed to bear protection programs in Vietnam, China, Indonesia and India. In particular, HSI is supporting the work of Wildlife SOS in India, who are successfully helping to protect 'dancing'  bears.

Working Elephants

  • HSI is supporting the work of Wildlife SOS in India and their Elephant Welfare Program in New Delhi, which aims to rehabilitate these gentle giants providing a healthy and respectful life
  • HSI has also been to court with IFAW & the RSPCA in Australia, to try and stop the import of 8 Asian elephants destined for Sydney and Melbourne zoos. The court declined our application, but 22 new conditions have been put on the import license to improve the elephants living conditions

Painted DogsDingoes

  • Dingoes HSI has been supporting the work of the Painted Dog Conservation Project (PDCP) in Zimbabwe, where PDCP undertake a pragmatic and holistic strategy that will make a substantial and lasting contribution to Painted Dog conservation. HSI is looking at further ways it can help wild dog conservation efforts around the world

Elephants in Asia & Africa

  • HSI has been working with the Born Free Foundation since 2003 to support the West Kilimanjaro Field Project (Kilimanjaro Field men) in Tanzania. The project sees Masai warriors employed to guard a conservation area in the foothills of Kilimanjaro that is home to many elephants.HSI also supports projects in Indonesia and Cambodia

Australian Habitats

  • HSI's habitat protection program has seen millions of hectares of Australian bush land and marine areas protected under Federal and State laws for endangered ecological communities, critical habitats, heritage places and biodiversity hotspots
  • Wildlife Land Trust established


  • HSI has been working since 1994 to help secure both national and international protection for all albatross species. HSI successfully gained legal protection for all albatross species in Australian waters under Federal law and was a member of the Australian Government negotiating team that secured a global albatross conservation agreement under the Convention on Migratory Species


  • HSI secured legal protection for the Great White Shark (GWS) under all state and Commonwealth laws, and convinced the Australian Government to successfully nominate the GWS for a CITES and CMS listing.
  • HSI works on a wide range of shark and fisheries (target species and bycatch) issues, nationally and internationally. Now working on a global migratory shark protection agreement and for a ban on shark fishing (and 'finning' ) in Australia

Working animals in Sudan, Iraq and Chad

  • HSI provided resources to the society for the protection of animals abroad (SPANA) to help deliver food and medical help to tens of thousands of working animals in Darfur and Iraq, after the violent unrest that has befallen these countries. HSI will continue to provide resources for disaster relief wherever and whenever it can, with recent funding sent to Chad

Cat and dog fur in China

  • After HSUS/HSI uncovered the horrors of the illegal cat and dog fur trade in china, HSI Australia ran a long but successful campaign to have the import of these products banned under Australian law

Farm animals in Australia

  • HSI is launching a 'humane choice' label in Australia in an attempt to improve the lives of farm animals and to give Australian consumers a humane alternative
  • The on ground certification and inspection will be managed and maintained by Aus-meat, Australia' s leading certifier, to the highest standards developed by HSI


  • HSI has been a key player at meetings of the international whaling commission (IWC) as a member of the Australian government delegationHSI successfully sued the Japanese whaling company killing Minke whales in Australia' s Antarctic whale sanctuary













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