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HSI Action Alert Help once more to stop the WA shark cull      

Please help us one more time to stop the WA shark cull

17th February 2014

HSI appreciates your previous actions to help protect the great white shark. Your critical effort has helped to keep news of the shocking proposals by the West Australian Government to catch and kill great white sharks and other large sharks in the media, both in Australian and internationally, making sure it remains a key issue for both Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and WA Premier Colin Barnett. So we’d like to ask you to take one more action.

As a result of the significant public outcry and a formal request for review, the WA Government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has opened a short comment period to get the public’s views on the WA shark cull policy.  This is our opportunity to stop the shark cull, despite Premier Barnett’s seeming insistence the policy should be retained. We therefore urgently need your help to ensure that the EPA is hearing the views of those who oppose the policy, to stop any more sharks from being killed. We believe that more than 30 sharks have already been caught and at least 10 of these killed with the rest released, often with injures, and we have no way of knowing whether they will survive the capture trauma.

HSI will continue to speak out against the killing of great white and other sharks in WA, calling for increased protection and research, not killing. Your action helps us demonstrate that the broader community is also opposed to the policy, supporting HSI’s position as we continue to speak with both federal and WA Governments.

URGENT: Please take action by this Thursday, 20th February 2014

Please put in a submission to the WA’s Environmental Protection Authority, letting them know why you think the WA shark cull policy is ‘environmentally unacceptable’.

Click here to send your submission direct to the WA Environmental Protection Agency.


With many thanks and appreciation,

Michael Kennedy
Director - Humane Society International

Please send us copies of any responses you receive.

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