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Donkeys in Sudan      
Disaster Relief


Update on efforts in Iraq

IraqSPANA, with the support of HSI, continues to work in Iraq to ensure the animals there receive adequate food and veterinary attention. Latest reports indicate that SPANA has sent two convoys of animal feed and veterinary medicines into the northwestern region and have already treated in excess of 80,000 animals. SPANA is also planning another convoy, and to set up a training course in Syria for 15-20 Iraqi vets. SPANA has also been approached by some vets in Baghdad to see if they would be prepared to help set up a centre to cope with the street dogs, cats, working donkeys and horses of the city. HSI will continue to assist their activities in the region.

SPANA reports their activities in other countries are working well. They say that education programmes they have set up are flourishing, and that veterinary work continues through the wet, cold winter of North Africa and the Middle East.

SPANA's vet teams have just returned from Morocco where they were able to help the animals and people following the recent earthquake in the north. SPANA were able to send three veterinary teams who did terrific work in helping with the many animal casualties. In addition, the group plans to start building an animal refuge in Casablanca.

SPANA thanks HSI


Relief for the donkeys of Dafur

DonkeyThank you to all our supporters who have given so generously to help the donkeys in Dafur.  The overwhelming response will enable us to send additional funding to help SPANA expand its work in the region.

Jeremy Hulme, the Director of SPANA, has just returned from Dafur and has sent the following report:

The General Situation
In the five months since our last visit, it is not easy to judge wether the overall situation has improved or worsened.  The continuing drought, at the very least, will cause short-term suffering and starvation amongst the people and animals of the whole region, and even the most optimistic view can hardly see the problem resolved quickly.

Monday 20th February
Visit to the local Department of Animal Health where the training of 15 (12 men and 3 women) new SPANA para-vets is under way.
Meeting with the Director of the Department who is very happy with the progress.

Then to our fodder centre ' “ over 36,000 bundles of feed have now been collected, although we are looking to double this.  Concerns about fire risk so are building a second separate store.

SPANA vehicle for food distribution has arrived in Khartoum and will be despatched to Dafur on the 28th February.
Then to Abu Showk refugee camp.  Since October the camp has grown to a population of 70,000 and another 500 donkeys bring the donkey population to 2000 in this camp.

SPANA has employed 14 trained donkey attendants here ' “ all women.  They have identified each animal and keep meticulous records of treatment, worming etc.

Late meeting with Dr Sara McHattie from the UN in Dafur. Her current estimate is that there are 11,800 (with little or no access to feed) in 6 different sites.

Tuesday 21st February
SudanVisit to local Government Commissioner and State Veterinary Officer who claim they have no vet supplies or equipment.  They are wanting to vaccinate 80,000 animals this year but admit that is virtually impossible.

The Commissioner claims there are 3 new transitory settlements starting on the outskirts of the town.  We are taken to one.  It is shocking!  They have no food, no water, no sanitation, and no healthcare.  There are around 500 donkeys wandering around, some carcases, and some close to death. 
With absolutely no external assistance it will be difficult to start a program for these animals but something must be done.  We are looking to work with UNICEF to get feeding programs underway as soon as possible.
Donkey dying of starvation, Mellit refugee camp.


DonkeyIt has been reassuring to see how much progress has been made and how the health of the animals has improved so much since our original assessment.  The huge store of hay and the 15 para-vets under training is very encouraging.  Thank you to the supporters of Humane Society International for their contributions. Your generosity will enable us to expand our work in the region and help alleviate the suffering.
Jeremy Hulme
February 2005 ' “ Dafur

Donkey dying of starvation, Mellit refugee camp.

SPANA is performing a useful, indeed vital, and unique task, of which our supporters would be very proud.  Thank you once again for the overwhelming support you have shown to the forgotten donkeys of Sudan.

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