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HSI Volunteer Experience- Lake Victoria KenyaTourism Hub Project      


HSI Volunteer Opportunity - Lake Victoria, Kenya Tourism Hub Project

The Lake Victoria Community Based Tourism Hub project

The Lake Victoria tourism hub project is a community based conservation and development project based out of Homa Bay, on the shore of Lake Victoria in Kenya. The goals of the project are to improve the welfare of the people and biodiversity living in this unique region of our planet. The project is designed and lead by Michael Odula, a well-known conservationist, who was awarded the prestigious United Nations Environment Program' s Global 500 Award of Honour in 1990.

Volunteers program

Goals and Objectives

  1. To promote international co-operation and understanding with various Nationalities of the world with particular interest to Australians.
    1. To enable the interested Nationalities i.e. Australians, Americans, Europeans, Canadians etc to understand the continent of Africa and Africans as well.
    2. To best understand Africa it is important to visit Africa in person to interact with Africans and to breathe the air of Africa rather than try to learn from a video tape, a film, or a book.
    3. Such Tours / visits to Africa can correct negative publicity and bad images by western media i.e. their propaganda and stereotypes of constant wars , conflicts, refugees, famine / hunger, poverty, diseases such as HIV / AIDS etc
  2. To promote social integration and intercultural immersions based on a ' home stay'  type of accommodation with a family and NOT in expensive Hotels and lodges and to be treated in typical African hospitality in the village
  3. To promote technological skills transfers i.e. renewable sources of energy; solar, wind, biomass etc from the North to the South --- Lake Victoria in Kenya, including ICTs interventions
  4. To afford an opportunity and exposure to view wildlife in their African Natural Environment and habitat.
  5. To learn about the values embodied in the socio-cultural matrix and philosophical foundations of African cultures. To understand Africa and Africans it is important tu understand the background and community philosophies of African life.
  6. To create an environment for foreigners to learn African languages e.g. Kiswahili (a lingua franca in Africa), literature, linguistics and the values of African communities & societies, including African sociology, social Anthropology studies etc.


NB    Programs / Activities above are suitable for university students, lecturers, researchers and scholars

Program Activities for Volunteers:

Education and mentorship volunteer services

To teach at:

  • The Milimani Academy ' “ a preschool and primary school for orphans and vulnerable children from the local region. The school provides education, feeding programs, clothing (uniforms) and medication
  • The Kaswanga Girls Secondary School with an emphasis on Girl ' “ Child / Women empowerment.

Through the acquisition of Education and Training, the secondary school needs: Tools / software / ICTs equipment

Health (Medical Care)

  • At Tom Mboya Memorial Health Centre for preventive and curative medical treatment and has an added advantage of collaborating with African Traditional Medical Practitioners and Herbalists etc.


  • Work In Horticultural farming activities along the shores of lake Victoria ' “ working with women and youth groups and older people in Rusinga community


  • Work in conservation, protection and restoration, involving both in-situ and ex-situ forest conservation measures including community based biodiversity programs ' “ such as the R10+20 REDD plus initiatives

Community based tourism

  • Volunteers & volunteering Tourists can take part in the following outdoor activities: hiking, mountaineering and water sports e.g. fishing, boating, canoeing etc and also in organized visits / trips to Lake Victoria regional sites of historical and geographical importance e.g. to:   
  • The nearby Ruma National Park with rare endemic wildlife species i.e. roan antelopes founded only in this park
  • Hot ' “ springs on mainland and bird islands on Lake Victoria.
  • Pre ' “ historic and Archaeological sites, such as Tom Mboya Mauseleoun and museum in Rusinga Island Lake Victoria, and visits to many other places including study tours, field trips and organized excursions etc.


  • The Volunteers and volunteering tourists will be accommodated in a Home Stay arrangement with the Odula family with plenty of rooms where the visitors will be provided with a room, a double bed, beddings, mosquito nets. Toilet and bathrooms are outside the Guest house.
  • The visitors will eat with the Odula family and will be involved in all the family chores and activities and will be served traditional African dishes (i.e. Ugali, chapatti, mandazi etc)


  • WILL BE FREE FOR Touristic aspirations outdoor activities, laundry, reading or writing E ' “ mails etc.

Time and duration of stay

  • All year round
  • Can stay from a week to three months on a tourist visa available at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi at the cost of US dollars 50 on entry to Kenya. (Please check with your local consulate or embassy to ensure you have the correct travel visas etc.)

Charges and costs

  • The Odula family charges for food only which will be  8 dollars per person per day. Rooms will be provided free of charge.

Long term cooperation

  • Establishment of long term cooperation will be appreciated with (I) the host family (Odula family) (2) The institution where the volunteers and volunteering tourists will have worked by E mails etc.

Gifts and donations

  • Will also be appreciated to the host family and also to schools i.e. collection of school supplies from her / his home country to the schools where they will have worked


MICHAEL A.N ODULA (UNEP Global 500 Laureate)
Director / founder,
Lake Victoria Tourism Innovation,
P.O Box 132
Homa Bay - 40300

E mail: manodula @yahoo.co.uk
Cell phone +254 702416420

Web: AndreasLustig.com