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Kiss Goodbye To Cosmetics Cruelty      


kiss goodbye to cosmetics cruelty

3rd July 2013 - Humane Society International (HSI) showed their support to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics who are attempting to set the new Guinness World Record for the most lip prints collected in 12 consecutive hours, and they will all be cruelty free!  Lush's Cruelty Free Kisses event celebrates International Kissing Day on Saturday 6th July 2013, also supported by Humane Research Australia and Choose Cruelty Free.

LUSH is a proud supporter of the Be Cruelty-Free campaign which is HSI's global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide.  The campaign is run in Australia in partnership with Humane Research Australia and Choose Cruelty Free.  Be Cruelty-Free is the largest global campaign to end animal testing of cosmetics worldwide and our team is at the forefront of global efforts to see cruel, out-dated animal tests replaced with cutting-edge techniques, promoting science without suffering.

Testing on animals for cosmetics was banned in Europe in 2009, and in March 2013 the EU went a step further by implementing the long-awaited ban on selling newly animal-tested cosmetics.  A similar ban has also been enacted in Israel.  HSI recently announced the exciting news that another major milestone has been achieved in June 2013: an end to animal testing for cosmetics in India! Mandatory use of modern non-animal tests is now the national standard in India, replacing invasive tests on live rabbits and mice.  The focus is now on China where animal testing of cosmetics is still required by law, and internationally approved non-animal tests are not yet accepted by regulators.  Be Cruelty-Free China launched in June 2013 and marks the beginning of a dynamic process of consumer outreach and regulatory policy discussions. We hope to make some positive progress there soon.

Meanwhile, in Australia although little or no cosmetics animal testing is currently licensed, there is no legal ban in place, and products tested overseas are still sold in shops throughout the country.  HSI will continue to campaign for a national testing and sales ban to turn Australia into a cruelty-free zone.  Click here to learn more about our work to end cosmetics animal testing.

Photo: Helen Marston (Humane Research Australia) and Georgie Stewart (HSI Australia) supporting Lush's Cruelty Free Kisses event


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