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The Dog Meat Trade      


The Dog meat trade

STOP PRESS: Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2017

​Just weeks ahead of China's annual dog meat festival in Yulin, at which thousands of dogs and cats are brutally bludgeoned to death and sold for their meat, we have received reports alongside animal campaigners Duo Duo Animal Welfare Project that the Yulin government is set to prohibit restaurants, street vendors and market traders from selling dog meat at the event. The reports have come from Chinese activists and confirmed by three traders at Yulin's biggest dog meat market Dongkou. The news is warmly if cautiously welcomed by Duo Duo, Humane Society International and their respective Chinese animal group partners on the ground, all of whom have campaigned for years for an end to the brutality of Yulin and China's year-round dog meat trade. While campaigners recognise that the ban is temporary and does not yet signal an end to the Yulin event in advance of which dogs are still likely to be killed, it is nonetheless a milestone victory in the ongoing campaign to end mass dog and cat slaughter at Yulin, and is evidence of growing political will from inside China to clamp down on the trade.  Read more 

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Much of the world views dogs as trusted companions or protectors, but in some parts of Asia they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. Humane Society International and our partners are working to end this cruelty.

HSI is working with local organisations in Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and China to raise public awareness of the grisly dog meat trade flourishing in these countries.  We participate in raids on trucks crammed with dogs headed for slaughter.  We provide funding to train officials for improved enforcement of laws and support care for confiscated animals.

Working with government officials to strengthen and carry out the laws in place related to this trade are the changes we can make to help save the lives of these dogs.  Read more in our Latest News segment below.

Photo (above): Dogs rescued from a live dog warehouse in Yulin on June 12 2016 jointly by HSI and China Animal Protection Power; 29 dogs (eight puppies) and three kittens (Credit: Mai Zi, CAPP)

Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2016

Thousands of dogs, many of them stolen pets, are captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions to Yulin, a city in China's Guangxi Autonomous Region.  There, they are held in crowded cages without food or water until they are brutally killed.  Often, they are beaten and killed in front of other terrified animals.  Most Chinese citizens reject this practice, and we're committed to supporting them in ending the festival.

Thanks to overwhelming international pressure, we delivered an 11 million signature petition was handed to the Chinese Embassy in London by celebrities, MPs and animal campaigners on 7th June 2016.  Despite authorities claiming the festival would not happen in 2016, the dog meat traders continued to stage the event without official endorsement. 

HSI and our partners continue to work hard to end this cruelty, working with government officials and local Chinese animal welfare groups to strengthen and carry out the laws in place related to this trade, so we can help save the lives of these dogs. Thank you to those who supported the campaign and signed the petition.

To learn more about the Yulin Festival, click here for the radio interview on 2SER's The Wire which was broadcast on 15th June 2016 featuring HSI's Program Manager for Animal Welfare, Georgie Stewart.



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Photo (left): Dogs rescued from Yulin receiving veterinary care (Credit: Mai Zi, CAPP)

Insight into the dog meat trade

Thousands of stray and pet dogs are being rounded up to feed the illegal dog meat trade run by criminal syndicates in Thailand. HSI Director Verna Simpson shares some insight into the dog meat trade in the ABC News video below:

This video is a trailer for the documentary "Shadow Trade" - a revealing look at the dog meat trade between Thailand and Vietnam.  

WARNING: Some viewers may find portions of this video disturbing.


Latest News on the dog meat trade



18th May 2017 click here

hsi welcomes dog and cat meat ban in taiwan

13th April 2017 click here


8th October 2016 click here

kim jong-un labels dog meat a 'superfood' in a bid to encourage starving north koreans to eat it (daily mail uk)

15th August 2016 click here

horrific images emerge of india's version of yulin dog meat festival (the independent, UK)

13th July 2016 click here

three ways you can protest china's notorious dog meat festival (cbs news)

21st June 2016 click here


20th June 2016 click here


17th June 2016 click here

THE WIRE (2SER RADio): a meaty problem for china's dog population - an Interview featuring Georgie Stewart, HSI's Program manager for animal welfare

15th June 2016 click here

HSI SAVEs 29 dogs and 5 cats from being eaten just days before china's yulin festival slaughter begins (HSI MEDIA RELEASE)

15th June 2016 click here

celebrities, mps, campaigners hand in 11 million-signature petitioN at China's London Embassy, to end China's Yulin dog meat festival (HSI media release)

7th June 2016 click here

three day stand-off to rescue dogs from death at barbaric yulin dog meat festival

24th May 2016 click here

yulin dog meat festival 2016: new pictures emerge of 'nightmare' conditions for animals involved in chinese event 

7th April 2016 click here

nearly 8 million chinese citizens vote online to support legislation proposal against cruel dog and cat meat (HSI Media release)

15th March 2016 click here

south korean dog meat farmer & humane society international join forces to close farm, rescue dogs, and urge end to dog meat trade (hsi media release)

18th September 2015 click here

hundreds of animals rescued but many more to be slaughtered as yulin dog meat festival gets underway in china

22nd June 2015 click here

ricky gervais urges end to yulin dog meat festival

15th June 2015 click here

Going through hell for leather: thailand's dog meat trade

20th April 2014 click here

Governments pledge collaborative actions to end the illegal trade in dogs for meat and to eliminate rabies

28th February 2014 download PDF  (181.4 kb) 

Vietnam's black market is selling dogs with rabies to meet demand for dog meat

13th February 2014 click here 

China gets a wake-up call with animals Asia's new 'say no to cat and dog meat' campaign

13th November 2013 click here 

Chinese officials 'set 1,000 cats loose in forest'

5th November 2013 click here 

How eating dog became big business in Vietnam

28th September 2013 click here

Tackling the commercial dog meat trade

12th September 2013 click here 

Dogs transported for meat-slaughter in Philippines, rescued in


11th September 2013 click here 

Dogs sent for slaughter rescued in Manila: operation disrupts cruel commercial trade in dogs for meat

5th September 2013 click here 

Vietnamese called on to quit eating dog meat amid rabies outbreak

3rd September 2013 click here 

On the frontline of china's animal welfare war

3rd September 2013 click here 

End of dog meat eating

2nd September 2013 click here 

Southeast Asian Governments take steps to end dog meat trade

29th August 2013 download PDF  (72.5 kB)

China: dog-poisoning ring broken up, 11 tons of canine meat found

29th August 2013 click here 

Animal welfare groups form international alliance to end dog meat trade

7th August 2013 click here 

NGO's join to fight China's and cat meat industry

3rd July 2013 click here 

China animal activists rescue hundreds of dogs before dog meat festival

26th June 2013 click here 

Yulin's dog meat festival deaf to critics

16th June 2013 click here 

Sanctuary at front line of fight against 'inhumane' dog trade

6th June 2013 click here 

Smugglers drive Thailand's grim trade in dog meat 

2nd June 2013 click here 

Animal-welfare groups form international alliance to end dog meat trade in key southeast asian countries

29th May 2013 click here 

Thailand's illegal dog meat trade

4th April 2013 click here 

Dog meat trafficking disgusts health officials

2nd April 2013 click here

It's a dog's life in China: Sold for £1M or stolen and sold as meat

9th December 2012 click here 

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