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Latest News - Farm Animal Welfare      


Latest News farm animal welfare



hsi raises major concerns over westpork plan to build giant piggery in western australia (hsi media release)

22nd March 2017 click here



how to eat ethically (wellbeing.com)

22nd November 2016 click here

lots of the terms on meat labels mean nothing. Nothing! (sbs food)

5th November 2016 click here

this may be the most sweeping set of animal protections ever announced (huffington post)

4th November 2016 click here

mulesing-free wool being sought out by chinese processors (weekly times now)

12th September 2016 click here

UK: tesco congratulated for making cage-free eggs commitment (ESM)

18th July 2016 click here

alternative housing options for sows presents more challenges for pig industry (abc rural)

15th July 2016 click here


4th May 2016 click here

nz's welfare act bans mulesing (farm weekly)

27th April 2016 click here

putting the chickens before the eggs (in daily)

27th April 2016 click here

egg farms fined by federal court for making free-range claims (weekly times now)

15th April 2016 click here

latest free range court case highlights 10,000 hectare farce (hsi media release)

15th April 2016 click here

cheep shot - interview with hsi director verna simpson on 'a question of balance'

12th April 2016 click here

consumer fraud set in legislation as agribusiness hijacks free range market (hsi media release)

31st March 2016 click here

free range eggs: ministers sign off on controversial definition

31st March 2016 click here

consumer fraud by big egg must stop, says hsi (hsi media release)

29th March 2016 click here

deputy pm makes a sham of national egg labelling consultation (hsi media release)

9th March 2016 click here

new appointee will scramble accc's free range egg work, animal activists claim

2nd March 2016 click here

if meat could talk, would you still eat it?

11th February 2016 click here

why do queenslanders buy more caged eggs? (hsi media release)

21st January 2016 click here



can we all just agree it's time to treat pigs better

17th November 2015 click here

H&M makes new animal welfare commitment

8th September 2015 click here

accc bring clarity to the murky world of pork labelling (hsi media release)

3rd September 2015 click here

primo among pork brands caught making false 'free range' claims, says ACCC

3rd September 2015 click here

why were the caged egg producers the only people at the table when the future of free range was being decided? (hsi media release)

18th June 2015 click here

confusion surrounds 'free range' eggs in the absence of clear definition

11th June 2015 click here

industry quick to blame free range systems as bird flu hits american intensive poultry farms (hsi media release)

30th April 2015 click here

major australian egg producer faces court for deceiving consumers (hsi media release)

8th April 2015 click here


19th March 2015 click here

Hsi calls for urgent changes to stop confined pigs being needlessly baked to death (hsi media release)

17th March 2015 click here



simply organic mag: Will your Christmas Ham be free-range?

December Issue 2014 download pdf 

swan valley case takes a deadly turn

4th December 2014 click here 

win for animal activists and media but ag gag fight goes on

25th September 2014 click here 

Senate passes motion condemning animal activists who trespass and film secretly on farms

29th August 2014 click here

pace farm denies cruelty to chickens

20th August 2014 click here

the shearer, shed culture and animal welfare (hsi media release)

11th July 2014 click here

why shaming saskia beer is not enough (hsi media release)

25th June, 2014 click here

accc takes Saskia Beer to task over misleading claims

16th June 2014 click here

free-range egg production definition to be considered by states

12th June 2014 click here

accc sends a clear message to egg producers

29th May 2014 click here

accc institutes proceedings following alleged egg cartel attempt

28th May 2014 click here 

horns of a dilemma (Landline)

16th March 2014 click here

hsi produces report card on free range eggs in run up to state election

13th March 2014 click here

New Push to End Battery Cages for India's Laying Hens

11th March 2014 click here

kentucky takes the bull by the horns with ban on veal

10th March 2014 click here

Uk Government considering beak trimming ban (world poultry)

3rd March 2014 click here

Under pressure from restaurants, Canadian farmers to give sows more space (Reuters)

16th March 2014 click here

UK Govt considering beak trimming ban

3rd March 2014 click here

ACT battery cage and sow stall ban a 'message to rest of country'

26th February 2014 click here

ACT expected to ban battery cages and sow stalls

25th February 2014 click here

Living green: laying hens

23rd February 2014 click here

Shane Rattenbury's legislation set to outlaw sow stalls and battery eggs

21st February 2014 click here

Farmers alarmed by animal welfare rule (The times, UK)

13th February 2014 download pdf (186 kb)

EC to consider additional laws on animal welfare

13th February 2014 click here

Latest News 2013

Misinformation and porkies: is your Christmas ham really free range?

3rd December  2013 click here

The crate debate for pig welfare

22nd November 2013 click here

Luv-a-duck fined $360k for misleading advertising

1st November 2013 click here

Free range 'not responsible' for bird flu

30th October  2013 click here

ACT set to legislate against factory farming

19th September 2013 click here

Animal liberation uses drone to spy on dora creek chook farmer

18th September 2013 click here

Indonesians can buy our land but shouldn't ship live cattle

17th September 2013 click here

Basket case for egg 'cartel'

16th September 2013 click here

BBC investigation: civet cat coffee's animal cruelty secrets

13th September 2013 click here

Animal welfare drives Tasmanian piggery innovation  

12th September 2013 click here

Egg corporation under full investigation by the ACCC

11th September 2013 click here

ACCC acts on egg industry

10th September 2013 click here

Watchdog is aiming to get a fix on the price of eggs

10th September 2013 click here (PDF)

Better free range definition needed in NSW: greens

4th September 2013 click here

Animal justice party pledges to shut down live exports with industry campaign

4th September 2013 click here

UK: RSPCA suspends freedom food pig farm, pending investigation

3rd September 2013 click here

A cracking good effort

22nd August 2013 click here

South Australian deputy premier John Rau supports humane choice free range breakfast pushing for truth in labelling

15th August 2013 click here

Scientists serve up $373,000 test tube burger

6th August 2013 click here

The truth about free range eggs is tough to crack

5th August 2013 click here

Minister accused of back flip on sow stall ban in Tasmanian Piggeries

5th August 2013 click here

Free range definition set to become scrambled thanks to Queensland government

24th July 2013 click here

QLD government increases free range densities by 667 percent

24th July 2013 click here

Australian women's weekly: special investigation - confessions of a pig farmer

July 2013 download PDF  (4,825.6 kb)

Rau unhappy with QLD free-range hens move

22nd July 2013 click here

Denmark: battery chickens free from de-beaking

18th July 2013 click here

PETA wants a Victorian egg farmer to experience battery hen conditions

18th July 2013 click here

Living green: egg label guide

14th July 2013 click here

Ryan Gosling: a tiny cage is not a life

11th July 2013 click here

Baiada busted for misleading 'free to roam' claims

9th July 2013 click here

Waterless farm plan criticised

9th July 2013 click here

Why market forces don't protect animal welfare

1st July 2013 click here

SA cracks 'free range' definition

17th June 2013 click here

Member states back banned farming practices, say welfare groups

17th June 2013 click here


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