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10th January 2013

Thanks to you we had an excellent result recently when the ACCC’s initial assessment of the Egg Corporations application for a Certification Trademark concluded that the standards did not meet consumer expectations of free-range egg production. In their application, Egg Corporation had proposed an increase in stocking rates from 1,500 to 20,000 hens per hectare.

Unfortunately, this battle is not over… We must now turn our attention to the supermarkets. Increased demand for free range has seen the corporate giants of the food world make many claims recently including an end to home branded caged eggs, sow stall free pork, and even supporting an end to factory farming. One supermarket launched their cage free promise at the start of this year.

While Woolworths presently endorses the Egg Corp Assured program, Coles has developed its own standard allowing 10,000 hens per hectare to be labelled free range.

A large proportion of supermarket ‘free range’ eggs are being produced in aviary systems. You can learn more about them here. These multi-level, highly stocked aviaries effectively increase the stocking rates indoors by 2 or 3 times as all the horizontal surfaces are counted as usable areas. These systems house 30,000-40,000 hens per shed with just pop-hole access. This looks good on their live chook-cam, until you consider just how many hens actually ever make it outside!

Today we invite you to join us as we launch our new campaign to target supermarkets, letting them know that consumers will not accept these overcrowded farming systems with massive stocking levels and birds that never step foot outside to be labelled ‘free range’, and we call on them to call it something else!


Please click HERE today to send an instant message to the supermarkets to make your voice heard. Please forward this email to your email contacts, and share this message with your friends on Facebook using this link


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