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HSI Supporter Fundraises for the Donkeys in Chad      


HSI Supporter Fundraises for the Donkeys in Chad

HSI Supporter Martell preparing for a night of fundraising for the donkeys in Chad

Humane Society International would like to express sincere appreciation for the determined and supremely unselfish efforts of a generous supporter to raise funds to help the suffering donkeys in Chad, North Africa.

Recently HSI appealed to its supporters to donate towards urgent international projects. One of these projects was to provide urgently needed emergency food and veterinary support for the working donkeys in North Africa.

Upon receiving the letter, one of our valued supporters decided she "wanted to do more" than her usual support of our work, specifically towards the plight of the 5,000 increasingly emaciated donkeys needing ongoing help.

Martell asked us if we would share her story "in the hope that other members of HSI might do something similar."

Setting up a type of gift shop in her lounge and dining room, Martell personally invited her friends to a sale of beautiful items from her home. Her goal was to fund-raise as much money as she could for the donkeys in Chad.

Included were items such as French Perfume, Handbags, CDs, Board Games, new or near new Household items, Paintings, Briefcases, Table and Bed Linen which she had never used. These are just a few of the personal possessions she was prepared to give up in her quest to raise funds for animals in need.

After three weeks of hard work and determination, Martell collected an impressive $1,371! She very proudly sent a cheque to HSI Directors, Verna Simpson and Michael Kennedy to be sent specifically to help relieve the suffering of the these hard working animals.

"It's a great way to catch up with friends who you have not seen for a while and at the same time support a worthwhile cause," wrote MartellMartell's inspiring efforts certainly provoked great admiration from all of us at HSI and we hope she will continue to enjoy a sense of pride in knowing that her totally unselfish and dedicated efforts have truly made a difference to the welfare of the working donkeys of Chad.



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