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ACCC supports HSI - November 2012      


Thanks to you, ACCC protects the future of free range farming

Thank you so much to all our supporters who signed and distributed post cards, lodged submissions, and wrote to Ministers. On November 2nd 2012, the ACCC handed down its decision to refuse Egg Corporations ludicrous application for a Trade Mark for free range eggs farmed to densities of 20,000 hens per hectare or more. Although ACCC are allowing one month for further comment before the final decision, their assessment is damning.

On the 23rd March we lodged a formal complaint with ACCC against Egg Corporations bid to increase stocking densities for layer hens to outrageous levels. ACCC called for submissions and of the over 1700 received, all but 7 opposed the application. We know that our supporters were responsible for this huge response and I just wanted to thank you all for helping us over the line.

The theme throughout the comprehensive ACCC report is that the Australian Egg Corporation' s proposal to increase stocking rates for layer hens to 20,000 birds per hectare will not meet consumer expectations for free range production. You can read that report in full here.

Many of you have helped distribute post cards and this campaign is ongoing. We are presenting ACCC with a copy of all postcards later this month as part of our ' ˜further comments' . These postcards carry enormous weight as most of them have been distributed in free range egg cartons to the very consumer that will be deceived if Egg Corporation gets their way.

Our main objective now is to convince the Federal Government that it needs to legislate standards that reflect true free range production across all livestock. Although we have support from a range of Federal politicians across all parties the Government are unmoved by this issue and continue to bow to industry pressure.

So although we have just had a major victory, the Government needs to know that we expect them to protect the interests of the free range farmer and the ethical consumer. To this end we will continue collecting postcards into next year so please let us know if you would like additional cards sent to you for distribution. We would like to present 100,000 of these cards to Government to make the point that this is an issue which is important to Australians.


PS If you would like additional postcards to distribute you can email georgie@hsi.org.au or Freecall on 1800 333 737. 





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