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Student Fundraising      


student fundraising

Year 8 Society & Environment Students

Reynella East High School fundraise for HSI and the orangutans
Humane Society International acknowledges with heartfelt gratitude the wonderful efforts of these inspiring students to raise funds to assist its campaigns for animal protection and conservation. Here is their story...

After spending a considerable amount of the second term studying rainforests and the plight of the orang-utans in Indonesia, students from Reynella East High School began a project aimed at supporting the Humane Society International in their efforts to improve the circumstances of animals across the globe but specifically the orang-utans.

Students began the project with a few planning days during which they chose their proposed activity, decided on their group members, discussed what resources they would need and from whom they needed permission. In addition to these considerations was the need to access equipment and determine the practicability of their proposed activity.

The fund-raising activities chosen included busking at a local shopping centre, holding a talent show, a jewellery stall and a games and jelly stall. Students had to work through any difficulties, therefore gaining valuable skills in problem solving and cooperation. The students were also hampered by time constraints and managed to plan, prepare and implement their chosen activity within just 7 lessons.

The enthusiasm and dedication that the students gave to ensuring the success of the project was astounding. Their intrinsic, competitive nature ensured that the individual groups set about bettering each other' s result, but no one lost sight of their goal, which was to raise as much money as possible for Humane Society International.

Most activities took place in the school grounds during lunchtimes; however the group of musicians had organised a full day at Southgate Plaza. The stalls and talent show were very well attended and collectively raised just under $200.00. The buskers were an absolute sensation at the shopping centre and had people of all ages complimenting them on their skill and surrendering some very sizeable donations. At the end of the day, the musical group had raised just over $430.00. However the success of the students' efforts cannot only be measured in monetary value, they have gained so much in the way of their maturity, knowledge and self-confidence.







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