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Live Export Trade      


Live Export Trade

Humane Society International is totally opposed to the export of live sheep and cattle from Australia. With modern refrigeration methods the animals could be slaughtered in Australia with the meat then being exported.

Beyond Cruelty, Beyond Reason Report: The global initiative to bring an end to long distance transport of animals. Download PDF to learn more (1.8MB)

In terms of the sheer amount of animals involved as well as the numbers who die en route, Australia' s live export trade is arguably the world' s cruelest trade. Over the past decade, Australia has exported 4.6 million cattle to Indonesia, Australia' s cattle export industries biggest trade partner. At the beginning of 2011, Animals Australia visited abattoirs in four Indonesian cities to document the treatment and slaughter of Australian cattle in Indonesian abattoirs, whilst RSPCA Australia conducted a scientific assessment of the investigation. Evidence showed horrific results, every slaughter facility breached international animal welfare guidelines; cattle subjected to torture such as eye gouging, kicking, tail twisting and breaking, leg breaking; and arduous and prolonged killings. Evidence from the investigation in Indonesia also showed that that Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) and LiveCorp have directly contributed to the inhumane treatment of Australia cattle in Indonesia. HSI supports the immediate ban of live trade to Indonesia and the announcement of an end date for live animal export.

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