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The Fur Trade - Celebrity Fur Files      


Celebrity Fur files


Fur in fashion was once thought to be luxurious, and a symbol of wealth - now, many recognise it as being grossly inhumane, to the extent that many Australian retailers are changing their policies, going faux, and promoting a fur free society.

Catch up on the latest celebrity news and gossip here - who's wearing fur, and who supports our efforts to bring this cruel trade to an end.



here are hollywood's most passionate celebrity animal activists (cheatsheet)

12 September 2017 click here

leonardo dicaprio, paul mccartney, miley cyrus and other celebrity animal advocates (News day)

20 January 2017 click here

the fur flies after kate and william wear traditional scarves trimmed with the skin of endangered sea otters during their visit to canada

1st October 2016 click here

princess mary is slammed by peta australia for wearing a seal skin coat (daily mail uk)

13th September 2016 click here

rihanna wears red heart-shaped fox fur coat (X17 online)

5th September 2016 click here

an anti-fur activist dressed as karl lagerfeld to protest fendi's runway show (yahoo! style)

9th July 2016 click here

peta loses the battle to keep fur out of fashion (the australian)

30th May 2016 download PDF (221 kb)

new documentary delves into the murky world of luxury fashion (Daily Mail)

26th April 2016 click here

fashion with a heart: how indian designers are fighting animal cruelty (Hindustan times)

18th April 2016 click here

the armani group will stop using fur across its labels (Elle.com)

22nd March 2016 click here

h&m is joining the humane society to end animal cruelty in the fast-fashion world (bustle)

9th September 2015 click here

hugo boss says it plans to go fur free by 2016 (huffington post)

8th July 2015 click here

Exclusive London nightclub bans fur-wearing celebrities

27th February 2014 click here

Khloe Kardashian makes fashion statement as she steps out wearing faux fur coat with red paint

17th February 2014 click here

think angora is the only cruel fabric on the High Street?  Think again... (UK Daily Mail)

30th December 2013 click here

Maria Carey assures peta fur sling was fake

17th July 2013 click here 

Eva Menedes: 'I can't believe designers still use real fur'

18th April 2013 click here 

Ashley Olsen has $2 million worth of fur

18th April 2013 (Article unavailable)

$91,500 for a T-Shirt? a look at the hermes garment that costs more than three cars (well, it is made entirely of crocodile skin)

26th March 2013 click here 

HSI congratulates ceo of melbourne fashion festival for shedding fur - read our letter thanking them for their decision...

6th March 2013 Download PDF 

What a dumbo! thought Beyonce's anaconda trainers were bad? husband jay-z has shoes made from elephant skin

1st March 2013 click here 

Beyonce's new animal-skin trainers slammed by peta

28th February 2013 click here 

Rihanna stunts in fur and tims in nyc

1st February 2013 clickAhere 

Friends of animals to beyonce: stop wearing fur

24th January 2013 (Article unavailable)

Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain go fur-free to the oscars

14th January 2013 click here 

Lindsay Lohan's fur obsession - four different coats in six days!

2nd January 2013 click here 

Pregnant Kim Kardashian rocks skunk fur and leather

1st January 2013 click here 

Lady Gaga's reported fur spree blasted by peta activists

18th December 2012 click here 

Joan Collins dons full length fur coat and had as she touches down at JFK

17th December 2012 click here 

She's looking fur-tive: Lady Gaga covers up in fur coat

17th December 2012 click here 

Snakeskin fashions threaten pythons

28th November 2012 click here 

Liam Gallagher praised for boycotting fur

27th November 2012 click here 

Sarah Jessica Parker's favourite animal friendly fashion brand, imposter, leaps forward to protect animals

26th November 2012  click here 

Is the fake fur you're buying really faux?

9th November 2012 click here 

Asos scoops innovation prize for animal welfare

29th October 2012  click here 

Lady Gaga dons fur again

25th October 2012 click here 

"Vampire Diaries" pair pushes for humanity in Hollywood

12th September 2012  (Article unavailable)

Lady Gaga steps up her eccentric dress sense by wearing a fox fur scarf in germany

6th September 2012  click here 

PETA blasts Lady Gaga and Rihanna over "creepy" and cruel fashion

2nd September 2012  click here 

Winners of the fourth annual fur free fashion competition announced

31st August 2012  click here 

A sultry Kim Kardashian poses in stockings and fur for a retro-style photo shoot

28th August 2012  click here 

Janet Jackson named face of Blackglama for third year in a row

27th August 2012  click here 

Aisling O'connor: Fur and against.. Where does Lady Gaga stand in the great fashion debate?

23rd August 2012  click here 

Aren't you hot in that! Lady Gaga steps out in bulgaria wearing a large fur coat and confirms that it's real via twitter

13th August 2012  click here 

Lady Gaga gets blasted by PETA over fur: "are you a turncoat?"

13th August 2012  click here

Vampire Diaries stars to host Humane Society event

10th August 2012  click here

Lady Gaga wears hot pink fur coat, accessorizes with poodle, natch

9th August 2012  click here 

Juicy couture founders support fur in fashion

8th August 2012  click here 

Kim Kardashian flaunts fur fetish in new photos

19th July 2012 Download PDF  (387 kB)

Asos pledges commitment to fir free programme

3rd July 2012 Download PDF  (180.2 kB)

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ripped by peta for $17,000 fur backpack

2nd July 2012 click here 

Vicki Gunvalson gives up fur after peta attacks her real housewives of orange county finale wardrobe

26th June 2012 click here 

Heidi Klum divorce battle heats up - joins canadian hunters to champion seal fur

9th June 2012 click here 

Dutch fashion designers lobby for a fur-free Amsterdam fashion week

6th June 2012 click here 

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