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2011 HSI Marine Science Grant       


A bedford Park Winner  for $7000 young scientist grant

Matthew HeardHumane Society International (HSI) is pleased to announce the awarding of the second of its Marine Science Grants, awarded as part of the Paddy Pallin Foundation Science Grants Program. PhD candidate Matthew Heard of the Flinders University, an outstanding young scientist, has been awarded $7,000 to look at the vulnerability of Thresher sharks to the Australian commercial and recreational fisheries.

The project aims to assess the vulnerability of thresher sharks (Alopias spp.) to commercial and recreational fisheries. Surveys of game and recreational fishers will be conducted as part of the project, commercial catch data modelled and satellite tracking technology used to collect information to assess the potential threats to Thresher shark populations in Australian waters.

Thresher sharks are pelagic sharks, which have been identified as a group of particular conservation concern due to their low reproductive potential, high susceptibility to overfishing, and increasingly the fact that the targeting fishing of pelagic sharks driven by the demand for shark fin and meat, and the lack of suitable management regulations. As a result 30% of the world' s pelagic sharks and rays are listed as Threatened.

Thresher sharks are not immune to these threats, with many countries targeting thresher sharks it is now considered a commercially important species, and yet very little is known about them.

HSI is concerned about the impacts these threats may be having on Australia' s thresher sharks, and we are therefore delighted to be able to support Matthew Heard' s research.

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Photo credits: Researcher Matthew Heard
Thresher Shark:  Scott Aalbers




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