Help get the Australian sea lion an Endangered listing

Marine Conservation

Australian sea lions are the most endangered sea lion species in the world. These charismatic creatures are found only in our country, so it’s up to us to do everything possible to protect them. That’s why Humane Society International nominated the Australian sea lion for an upgraded listing under our environmental laws.

Currently the Australian sea lion is listed as Vulnerable to extinction, but the science shows it meets the criteria for being classified as Endangered. This uplisting would enable increased protection for the Australian sea lion, and the responsibility for ensuring the future for the iconic species lies squarely in our country’s hands.

Sign your name below to thank Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg for the current protections given to the Australian sea lion, and ask him to uplist the species to Endangered in order to protect its survival into the future.


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Thank you for the current protections given to the Australian sea lion, and I ask you to please uplist the species to Endangered in order to protect its survival into the future. What sort of life would we have without these beautiful sea mammals! And how will our future children understand the importance of all living beings if we continue to let them disappear from our planet. Let’s be a part of the solution not a part of the problem!

Please, add the Australian sea lion to the endangered species list. They deserve our protection. Thank you.

Sea lions are gentle creatures, and should be left alone to live out their lives in peace, which is what they deserve. No one has the right to take their lives, or any animal.

Please protect all the endangered species you can, only important people like you can do anything, because you’re important.


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