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Can you imagine an Africa without elephants or without rhinos? It is not so far-fetched when you consider the statistics. The continent loses 20-30,000 African elephants every year and 7,130 African rhinos have been killed by poachers in the last decade. All for the trade in their ivory and horns.

But this bleak future can be averted if the international community pulls together to defeat poaching.  The United States, the UK, France, the EU, China and Hong Kong (the latter two being some of the largest ivory destinations) have announced their intention to shut down their domestic ivory markets – Australia must do the same.

A Parliamentary Inquiry is looking into banning the domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn and it needs submissions before June 7, 2018 to know the Australian community wants action. Please sign your name below and we’ll send a submission on your behalf.

This action has now closed. Please click here to see what other actions you can take for animals.

For more details about the parliamentary inquiry see

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It doesn’t matter how rich, intelligent, powerful or talented you are, the way you treat animals tells me all I need to know about you.

I have travelled in Africa just to see these beautiful animals. Tourism brings much need money to the African economy. Tourists are there to see Rhino and Elephant, 2 of the big 5, and when they do, they tell people when they go back to their home country, encouraging more travellers. We don’t need Rhino horn or Elephant tusks imported as ornaments. We need to stop the trade and show what is important, the live animals and the tourist economy.

I may be only one small insignificant individual but if I don’t try how can I face my grandchildren if I don’t use my voice and try. Change is made by many people like me.

The trade in ivory should be banned and should have been banned long before now. Elephants are an endangered species and it is grossly inhumane for any nation NOt to ban this trade.
Species extinction will eventually lead to human extinction.

I had no idea that domestic trade in ivory etc. still existed in Australia.
I am horrified and saddened.
To the Parliamentary Committee,
Just do it.
How hard can that be?
Is there an alternative?

These endangered animals need protection now. Not when they are gone forever. Stop this senseless slaughter.

When will the cruelty stop?? It seems there’s no end in sight! Ivory belongs only to elephants, just as rhino horns belong only to rhinos! Enough is enough!

This ridiculous practice needs to stop. Its been proven there is no medicinal characteristic to rhino horn. It doesnt cure anything ……it doesnt treat ANYTHING.
The elimination of a whole species for cultural beliefs or the showof wealth is barbaric and archaic..not to mention stupid.
Just stop it already

It is ridiculous that for century mankind hunts kills and destroys the life of the planet we all come home. All life on Earth is connected. Humans must learn to live within the earth and the animals in peace, or we all shall pay for what we are doing to our beautiful planet.

We know that the slaughter of theses elephants is pushing them to extinction. Elephant numbers are falling as approximately 98 are killed a day. Females carry a calf for 22 months and breed only every 4-5 years. The maths do not add up for their survival. I hope you can support this total ban to help us preserve these majestic giants. Regards Irene Bollington.

Please be part of the group of countries willing to cut down, reduce and get rid of the selling of elephant and rhino parts (and all other wildlife) across the globe.

This is 2018. It is time this barberic trade ended and stronger laws implemented. Money and greed need to end. Do we have to kill everything on our planet in the name of greed. Disgusting and primitive thinking are killing the elephants.

The Ivory looks much better on what it was intended for, the animal!! It is not up to anyone to decide , should the animal be killed for a pathetic bit of ivory!!! Greed greed greed Again on mans part. LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE

The need to put an end to the trade in ivory and rhino horn is self-evident to any thinking person.
Please act with all haste to make sure that these products cannot only enter Australia, but cannot be traded within the country, removing the incentive to try to illegally import hem.

Time for Elephants and Rhino to be left alone and protected
ALL ANIMALS should have respect not abused, killed, tortured

Please Australia stand up for the protection of these amazing animals, the elephant and the rhino.
Please ban the domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn.
Let us act, not just with words but with deeds and put into practice the rights these animals deserve.

To the Australian Government:
Act now and take a stand on the Ban of domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn…
Animals deserve our protection…Stop the cruelty and the suffering!!


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