Tell the Queensland Government to stop killing sharks in the Great Barrier Reef

Marine Conservation

Sadly the Great Barrier Reef is not a safe place for sharks.

The Queensland Government’s shark control program kills 26 species of sharks in the Great Barrier Reef on lethal drumlines. Any that survive hooking on the drumlines are shot. Since the 1960s, tens of thousands of sharks have been killed in this program. Reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and other vulnerable and harmless species are being inhumanely executed in their own natural environment.

HSI is preparing for a court case against the Queensland Government’s program in the Great Barrier Reef, but the sharks need you to keep up the public campaign telling the Queensland Government just how archaic this program is.

Please add your name below and tell the Ministers of Queensland to stop the slaughter. The Reef needs sharks.

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More and more creatures on this planet are becoming extinct. We won’t have them any more. Stop killing sharks!

The response of the government is the usual one: it is nonselective (killing all types of sharks), of doubtful efficiency, but suggests to an uneducated public that the government “is doing something about the problem” (thus, basically a propaganda action – which does not either care about quite possible harmful side effects).

Sharks are a top order predator that are needed in any marine ecosystem. The wholesale slaughter of these wonderful creatures must STOP! Drum lines are cruel and being shot is so anti-environment as to be stupefying. We should not be sending any shark fins to Asian nations as it is well past time for them to ditch these ancient habits and move into a kinder world. The practice of shark finning is abominable and that we help it along by offering the fins of sharks unnecessarily killed in Qld incl. the Barrier Reef is a catastrophe.

We are but one species out of milliones. All humans do is destroy for their own selfish needs. All we do is kill other earthlings and each other. Please stop killing sharks. They have a right to live as we do. Help protect them. Use your intelligence and preserve your eco systems. If we don’t we’ll become the next extinct species.

We don’t need fisheries but we do need a healthy marine eccosystem for humans to survive. Stop bending over to a few insignificants.

Sharks are the necessary apex predator and are needed to keep our oceans balanced and healthy. Don’t give in to irrational fear but lsten to people with knowledge. There are far more things that kill many people in our homes and on the street – cigarettes kill more people but aren’t banned! AND the Adani mine still being pushed for and not yet being stopped will do more damage to the Reef and tourism.
The ocean needs its sharks more than people – we have a choice – let the sharks keep the Barrier Reef healthy!

Good luck HSI with the court case. A million thanks for your continuous efforts in protecting our magnificent sharks.

All creatures play a vital role in the big picture. Anyone who loves the ocean wants to protect all these species. Don’t destroy. Stop the knee jerk reactions, you cannot undo the damage.

This is shameful! Let wildlife live in their natural environment. Sharks draw ecotourism dollars to your country. Killing sharks indiscriminately reflects badly on your nation who already kills millions of kangaroos and joeys every year. It’s a deplorable record! It’s all despicable and appalling!

We must be more gentle and mindful than we have been in the past…and not just carry on the same prejudiced, unproductive and harmful killings of GOD’s innocent, voiceless creatures..all so essential to the balanced ecosystem people travel vast distances to come visit. Please rethink this !

Queensland politicians never cease to amaze me with their ignorance and stupidity. STOP KILLING SHARKS! They are a totally necessary part of our ecosystem and usually absolutely harmless to humans. If you want to stop things being dangerous to humans, change your environmental policies and stop poisoning/killing off our planet.

It’s not right to indiscriminately kill sharks. Sharks are an extremely important part of our ecosystem and our oceans need them. Please stop killing them.

Due mainly to shark “finning”, some shark species are in deep decline. WHY make it worse? And in a marine sanctuary? WHY? It makes no sense, is wrong.

You can not remove an apex predator from the ocean and expect the oceans that sustain us to remain healthy. You are doing irreparable harm to the ecosystem. STOP KILLING SHARKS

Stop the mindless slaughter of our sharks. This is nothing but unmitigated cruelty. Enough is enough. Shame on the Queensland Government.

This cruel and inhumane practice should be stopped, all sharks are part of our ecology and should be treated with care and respect

This cruel and inhumane practice should be stopped. sharks are part of our ecology and should be treated with care and respect

why schould poeple do this to animals? sharks have a life to and have the rights to be at this world; stop this madness!!!!

Management of the reef, needs to be brought into the 21st Century. Killing of endangered species, is not on. Please listen to the experts & tailor your management appropriately.

Humans have to realise that we have to share this planet Earth. Instead of trying to control & destroy everything that doesn’t suit their needs.

This is an appalling waste of life.These beautiful creatures are a vital part of the eco system and have a right to live.You are just killing for killings sake.

Does the Queensland Labor government really not understand the importance of keeping a balanced ecosystem or is it that they simply do not care? I expected more of of Queensland’s Labor government – please stop killing sharks..

Sharks are an indispensable and integrable part of the ocean life and should be respected and guarded. It is an outrage that they are hunted like this. I ask you to note scientific information and protect this species.

Sharks, I have no need to tell you, are the top predator. You interfere with nature at everyone’s’ peril. There surely are safer methods available without the drastic mortality rate of sharks as at present.
A lack of R & D seems to be all pervasive in Australia’s political priorities these days.

The Queensland Government’s shark control program is old school a system that has been going from the.1960s,surly we have better systems and education on enviroment issues then how we managed them 60 years ago.Reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and other vulnerable and harmless species are being inhumanely executed in their own natural environment.

This area has been declared a marine sanctuary and all animals are included. Which means ALL sharks, if dangerous or not are protected. Why does the Government not obey by the rules?! It was for a reason that the Great Barrier Reek was declared a World Heritage Site!

The current approach has little community support.
The reef and our oceans are admired around the world, and we’re learning that our sharks are a vital part of that beauty.
It’s time to act better.

Why can’t humans just respect other creatures and leave them in peace?

We have to mess about everywhere, despite so much evidence of the harm we’re doing.

Just been listening (in Britain) to a clip on research showing that parts of the Great Barrier Reef are silent.

Time to be a bit more humble and value other creatures for the wonderful beings they are.

Sharks are needed for the health of our oceans,stop the killing and protect these majestic sharks.

Sharks are vital for healthy reefs and healthy marine systems. Surely we can do better than this: would we be as indifferent if they were lions or tigers? Similar apex predators in their environments but just with better PR. Please check the science: sharks are so important to our blue world, they MUST be protected!

I have to wonder after reading the comments, now many of these people have actually ever dived the Barrier Reef….. My wife, 9 yo daughter and myself live aboard our vesel sailing and diving our beautiful reef… on most dives see will see atleast 1 shark sometimes several, start fishing and good luck getting your fish up into the boat before a shark grabs it… try spearfishing and well…..
My point is that its not as if all our sharks are being killed, I may not know the statistics, but there sure are alot of them….
I’m not saying killing them is a good thing, but dont panic and over-react, they are there and in decent numbers!

Apocryphal observations are hardly a basis to support the ludicrous policies the govt enacts with regard to our wildlife. It’s the sharks environment, can you blame them for taking a fish on the line? I imagine you would grab your sirloin steak if someone hooked it and started pulling it out of the dining room window. Killing important predators critical to the food chain, predators we already kill at about 200 million world wide every year , is inexcusable. So what if a shark inconveniences your fishing trip – you won’t starve if you don’t haul your catch in. Someone in the US in the 1800’s could have observed ‘I see plenty of passenger pigeons’, indeed there were so many millions the sky went black with them, but thanks to humans the last one of its species died in captivity in 1913. And yes, I have dived the Barrier Reef, I just hope it is there for future generations to also enjoy……….


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