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Animal Welfare

Transporting sheep vast distances to be slaughtered in the Middle East is cruel.

There is no getting around it. The journeys are gruelling and sheep routinely die in terrible circumstances.

Footage aired on 60 Minutes Sunday 8th April shows this all too distressingly.

Brave Coalition MP Sussan Ley has tabled a private members bill to bring an end to live export cruelty to sheep. She is a rural MP and she says she knows all the arguments used to defend live exports because she used to use them too. Not anymore. She knows they don’t stack up. Sussan Ley wants to end sheep cruelty and be on the right side of history. The bill she has tabled will ban live sheep exports in the summer months from next year and phase out the industry over five years. This is more than fair because it gives farmers time to adjust and it is the best chance to bring about an ultimate end to live sheep exports. To get Sussan’s bill through we all need to write in our thousands to her MP and Senate colleagues and ask them to be on the right side of history too. You can send a letter here.

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Live transport is cruel – all animals are sentient and deserve kindness, even as part of the food trade.
Please stop this awful practice, and save these animals from a terrible fate.

How on earth are we to respect fellow countrymen if countries like yours treat animals like THIS??!!?!!
Stop this archaic, barbaric practice!!

Australia hang your head in shame. There is no need for live transport. Set up abattoirs in Australia and increase jobs

what makes you think the abattoirs are kinder. there is no humane if you have to kill a animal to feed your stomach you want humane and a kinder world so no animals have to suffer go vegan. we are taught from generations that meat is good for us stop being brainwash stop and smell the roses

This comment is not helpful, this is not about being vegetarian or not. If is about stopping this terrible practice of live export

Whether or not live export happens don’t you realise that animals go through the same pain and torture on farms and when travelling in trucks and definitley when at a slaughter house. Therefore if you are not vegan then you support animal suffering

I agree, nothing kind ever happened in an abattoir, but live export is a shocking terrifying prelude to a brutal end in a foreign abattoir or barbaric home slaughter.
Let’s at least save these gentle sentient beings from these egregiously cruel death ships.
When the world wakes up & adopts a vegan lifestyle animal cruelty will be a thing of the past.
The planet will also benefit from the lack of greenhouse gas emissions caused by animal agriculture
& people will be happier & healthier. For now let’s stop the boats & then educate the masses about how to live a happy healthy life without harming others. Alana🐝

If only we could get celebrities or footballers to show their support against live export , there would be a more responsive outcry of the public to ban this cruel trade

Yes but with most celebrities and footballers etc will only do anything for a fee. Because if they were against this surely theyd be having their voice heard on this awful live export without being asked

Have you personally watched the video footage? If you haven’t you need to. When you have seen this you cannot but be appalled. This is beyond disgraceful. This is inhumane. This has to stop. Please, I urge you to do the right thing for these poor defenceless beings. Don’t let this happen again.

It is horrifying to see these animals suffering such severe cruelty. Unless a humane way can be found to transport our animals, the trade must be stopped

Surely the footage speaks for itself. Do we really want to be the type of people that is comfortable with animal suffering to that horrific extent?

Those animals that do survive the horror, face unspeakable cruelty after arrival.
Absolutely heart breaking
It must stop NOW

This is one of the most inhumane, cruel and disgusting acts.. the low life involved need to be locked up..

This is a barbaric practice- hard to believe that human beings can allow it to happen. Makes me sick to my core.

This barbaric treatment of sentient beings must stop. It’s horrific torture. This is 2018. We can and must do better. No animals should endure live export.

The live animal trade is beyond cruel and the federal government should have stopped it decades ago. We are constantly confronted with horrific tragedies that the industry tries to cover up and we all say stop the trade but nothing happens. It’s time the government bit the bullet and does what it should have done years ago, end it!

Lining the pockets of rich exporters while the poor sheep suffer beyond belief and die. Is this a way to treat any animal? From the fields to the death ships, wonderful! No I don’t think so- it is disgusting abhorrent cruel to the extreme and if must be stopped.
If the footage seen on 60 minutes doesn’t fail to put an end to live export then what will?

I made the decision to become a VEGAN in 1994 – I decided enough is enough of eating innocent Animals who mean us no harm.
Man was given Dominion over Animals & we are doing a superb job of Slaughtering ALL Animals to eat or for fun/hunting & we Destroying this Planet every minute of every day.
We don’t seem to understand what we are doing it will soon be too late to Save our only Home (Earth).
Respect – Compassion – Love
To all Animals

This morning like most Australians, after viewing the 60 minutes horrific story and footage on the inhumane, cruel and disgusting conditions and treatment of sheep bound for the middle east for live export are horrified, distraught and very angry.
The basic fundamentals of life and animal welfare, water, food and the ability to sleep or rest have been deprived these poor animals. They are cramped into unrealistic spaces created for greed and maximising the amount of animals with little care for their welfare. These are live, breathing and feeling animals that need water, food and the ability to sleep. The conditions are so cramped that most of these animals will never reach the water and feed troughs. They are forced to stand in their own excrement and the excrement of hundreds of others near them. Stand for 3 to 4 weeks without the ability to sleep or sit down for fear of being trampled to death. The condition of the poor animals who do survive cannot be healthy enough for consumption given the above comments. Also on the footage was images of dead lambs who were born aboard these death ships and trampled to death. Never being able to reach their mothers or suckle. The report also stated that lambs born onboard often have their throats slit. There are suppose to be restrictions that no pregnant sheep are put on board. Another oversight by the governing body and the greedy importers.
Sadly, also for those who are strong enough to survive the horrendous journey, are then unloaded onto a dock area where they are kept also in the heat and cramped conditions for heavens knows how long. No one seems to monitor how they are treated after they disembark the killing ships.
I am against all live exports and do not see the need for this cruel industry. The sheep in question could and should be humanly killed here in Australia and then the healthy, clean and refrigerated carcasses be sent overseas. This would solve all the problems, other countries practice this and their markets have not dwindled.
The vision of this suffering will haunt me for a very long time, and I believe that we were spared the worst footage due to it being too distressing. I have seen visions on social media of blood coming from sheep’s noses. Half dead animals being thrown into the sea. There comes a time when humanity, care and morality overcomes precious profits and dollars.
Emanuel Exports and its head Graham Daws shown last night living it up at the races have a lot to answer for and hopefully have to answer to same in the courts. I would also like to know why RSPCA inspectors cannot do more and insist on restricted numbers and no live exports at all into the middle east in the middle east summer months. These sheep are coming out of the winter in Australia, where they have their winter coats on, to be thrown into a humid 45C to 50C degree sweltering heat of the middle east. Many of them are not even spared the decency of shearing their wool off before being shipped. This is beyond cruel and barbaric and must cease. What the hell was the vet on board doing? He even left the ship on voyage 25 before the remaining live animals disembarked. I thought vets took an oath to care for animals welfare and to cease suffering. In the case of this Victorian vet
There are so many cases of animal cruelty here, we now need our elected politicians and animal welfare groups including the RSPCA to step up and change legislation to ensure that these cruel practices cease.
Robyn Waters


Yes all he above comments reflect exactly how I feel. We need to stay united and keep this IN THE NEWS otherwise it will be forgotten for another 20 years or so. WE MUST UNITE stand together and be firm. WE DO NOT WANT THIS ANYMORE!!! It is time the Government listened to the people of Australia and if the don’t kick them OUT at the next election and give them something to really think about.

We are judged by the way we treat others and those more vulnerable as sre all animals. I believe that sentence says it all. So we can have elf respect, stop this torturous treatment now. Shame to those who are doing this. STOP this now.

All ships needs to be inspected all the time. And have independant people ie 12 or so to travell all of the trips. The would be called ” Sheep/Cattle Attendants” but must be qualified vets.

This disgraceful and vile trade cannot be allowed to continue. It must be banned without further delay if Australia is to retain any credibility at all in the field of animal welfare.

How can these politicians sleep at night.? The absolute sickening cruelty that has been going on for years.
How brave and kind the whistleblower is. He puts our greedy, indifferent politicians to shame.

The live trade of animals is nothing short of abomination, based on pure greed and economic profits. Shame on Australia and any country that continues such primitive and barbaric ‘trade’ of living beings. Time to end it is now.

Why would you allow this to happen to any animal??? Please stand up and take the right action, to prevent the cruelty & suffering of the live animal export. The time is NOW to end the cruelty.

Is Australia becoming a cold, callous money grabbing soulless country like china. What happened to animal welfare or does that get overlooked because of the money & the greed. There comes a time when compassion, ethics & the humane treatment of all living creatures becomes the light by which any society survives. I am ashamed to be Australian when this abhorrent atrocity is allowed to continue. Surely processing animals here & sending it overseas would also bring in the dollars & probably be cheaper to send.

I will not support a government that is not humane enough to stop the cruelty of live export of animals. Humane treatment of export animals is in your hands.

I cannot see why we do this, most of the sheep go to the middle east, a 4 week trip and when they get there they are slaughtered in ways that are illegal in Australia; we have 40 halal accredited abattoirs in Australia, why cant we use them and if the government assists in dropping the 5% tariff on frozen exports and changing things to assist farmers we should be able to do this, it must be stopped; it is a disgrace for Australia, not just the shipping but what happens to them when and if they survive the trip, the only answer is to put a stop to it; it must happen;

I will never again buy wool products. This is heinous. Australia step up to end these live transports now

Anyone with a heart must be horrified at the suffering of these gentle creatures. Stop the ships now .

Its about time HUMANS started to act in a manner which the word HUMAN signifies. Its appalling that GREED AND THE DOLLAR VALUE TAKES PRIORITY OVER THE WELL BEING OF A LIVING BEING. How any HUMAN can cause this much pain and suffering is beyond comprehension. NO ANIMAL DESERVES THIS. STOP LIVE EXPORT

Surely we as humans are more evolved than this? You can see the fear in the eyes of these beautiful beings. These archaic, cruel, vile and criminal practices says a lot about the humans who permit and participate in them. The people say NO!

Please honour the lives of those who nourish you. Treat them humanely as you would wish to be treated. Give our Ozzie sheep a fair go to live without pain. End live trade.

Please, please do what you must know is right. Humans have assumed dominance over all the creatures of this planet, to the point of causing the extinction of many species, mostly because of greed. It is little enough to limit the suffering of other animals that humans exploit for food. Unneccessary exploitation, as humans do not need to consume animal products for good health.
Do what is right, or at the very least, take a step in that direction by protecting other animals ( humans are animals too ) from unneccessary pain and terror.

Live export is totally unnecessary & illegal. How this behaviour cannot be considered animal cruelty at it’s worse is an insult to the law. It is time to overwhelm those responsible & never stop fighting to bring this barbaric trade to an end. Shame on you Australia.

cruelty is cruelty – it doesn’t matter what its form is or who the victims are. It is just so very WRONG

Live export is cruel. Time and time again we see there is absolutely no excuse for this disgraceful inhumanity. Stop live export. There is no reason to support it.

Please, those with the power to change this cruel and inhumane practice of shipping your sheep in abominable conditions: this is important and if you correct this situation, you will be amazed that you will be considered a Hero! Please, please, make changes

This is abominable cruelty. If an animal were subjected to this treatment in Australia you would expect the perpetrators to be prosecuted. But it appears to be okay when we load them onto a ship and send them to hell. Clearly humane conditions cannot be provided thus the animals should never be loaded onto the ships in the first place. The footage showing numerous dead and doomed lambs demonstrates they don’t worry about regulations forbidding the export of pregnant ewes either.

It is disgusting to see how these defenseless animals are treated so inhumanely! Please – this needs to stop now!!

You can choose to do nothing once you’ve seen the footage but you can never again say you didn’t know. We all have a duty of care towards the non-human beings under our stewardship and should never allow these and other atrocities.

This horrendously and callously cruel practice of Live Shipment is a degradation not just to the undeserving animals but to the humans that perpetrate and condone it. What a terrifying and ugly future is in store for a world devoid of compassion.

Il faut arrêter cette cruauté. Ces animaux souffrent pour que les hommes gagnent de l’argent. Si on était à leur place on appellerait ça une déportation inacceptable, insupportable. Rien ne justifie cela. L’ANIMAL EST UN ÊTRE SENSIBLE !

Animals feel pain, feel happiness,feel love, especially for their young. They are equal to us.
If humans can treat a defenceless animal in this appalling way,what is happening to mankind.
For the sake of humanity, for a better world, you must be a voice and help theses animals…we can only sign and protest…but YOU. Can stop it. Would you take your children to see this treatment of animals.? NO then stop,it please.

The sign of a civilised society is the way it treats it animals. We are no better than a developing nation in that respect and have learnt nothing in the last 200 years.

Please stop this unnecessary and cruel treatment of these animals who experience fear and feel pain the same way as we humans do.

When the human race allows this level of abuse and suffering to be inflicted on other sentient beings, it highlights how pathetic and monstrous the human race has become. Greed is ugly. Animal suffering is ugly.
You have the power to STOP THIS – one behalf of every ethical human, PLEASE BAN LIVE EXPORT.

Most people in Australia are ready to wear the consequences of this small-minded type of money-saving. Pretty sure that even many of the farmers supplying the sheep would be willing to lose some level of income to prevent this kind of cruelty.

Please have the courage to do what is right and take steps to stop our defenceless, harmless sheep and lambs from being sent on horrific voyages of pain, suffering and fear. Please – they are depending on you to END LIVE EXPORT NOW.

I have watched this cycle of the cruelty exposed, the government and the industry claiming they have rectified it and their lies being exposed over and over again for four decades. For 40 years I have marched, protested, written letters, talked on the radio and neither Liberal nor Labor have responded. Try voting for the Animal Justice Party in the Senate in the coming Federal Election. Getting a voice for animals in Parliament is the only thing that has not been tried yet.

I grew up hearing about Live Exports on the local ABC radio. At the time I was a teenager and thought that I was in some nightmare. I thought “this has to be joke; this can’t be real”. Twenty (20) years later and this horror continues. Daily. Live Exports are the tip of the Iceberg for our non-human animal friends. The abuse and violence committed against these gentle, sentient beings rages every day. I pray that the animal rights movement is indeed the next emancipation movement- that generations will look back in disbelief at our exploitation like we do now on slavery and women’s rights. Change cannot come soon enough for these souls.

I just wanted to add my complete lack of respect & my disgust of our government, farmers & live exporters who are responsible for the unconscionable live export trade. They have known for years the cruelty they were inflicting on these poor innocent beings. Australia has become a shockingly cruel country with a complete disregard with those who cannot defend themselves. I know this is about live export so please excuse me for deviating for a moment, but just to emphasise my point. This government is destroying animal habitat as we speak, endangering vulnerable species on the brink of extinction. Greed & growth is their mantra. Their lack of moral compass will be their downfall. Make them pay. Vote for the Animal Justice Party. (A J.P)

Please have compassion for the plight of these animals. We are the stewards of this planet, we are failing our obligation.

I became a vegan purely for this reason. I could no longer stick my head in the sand and ignore the fact that this horrific cruelty towards these beautiful animals existed. Something must be done to stop the barbaric treatment of all livestock, and it must be done sooner rather than later.

It is horrifying to see these animals suffering such severe cruelty. All Animals even ones in the food chain should be treated with kindness and respect
Unless a humane way can be found to transport our animals, the trade must be stopped

I come from a 3rd generation family of sheep and wheat (only grain now) and I am horrified with what I saw on 60 minutes. This is not a one off it is happening all the time and has from the start. This disgusting trade CAN be stopped and MUST be stopped. When there is a shortage of live livestock for these countries they will eat chilled and frozen meat. I AM ASHAMED TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN. What the hell is going on here. Barnaby Joyce did a review of this trade a few months ago and passed it as meeting Australian animal welfare requirements. How disgraceful, this is not going to be swept under the rug. Australian people are now aware that this just keeps on going on week in week out with no changes. Mr David LIttleproud step up and do your job as Minister of Agriculture it is your duty to END this
horrific trade NOW.

The treatment of these animals is inhumane . Surely it would be better all around to do away with live exports & go back to the way it used to be by doing the process of preparing the meat here & then exporting it.

Knowing that this horror has gone on for so many years sickens me…. How could any person with any ounce of compassion allow it? We don’t want you too FIX it . It has to END

This has been going on for far too many decades now. The Federal Government has the power to stop this inhumane trade.The Economy would not collapse.Subsidize these farmers if you must. At least taxes would be going to a worthwhile cause to put an end to this horrific act of cruelty.

How many more times will our government and the Australian people be expected to trust this industry?

It must stop all together and at once. It is a national disgrace, an embarrassment and beyond comprehension that a forward thinking nation will continue to allow this outrage.

Lets be honest, the owner of this “shame ship” Awassi Express has only apologised because he was found out. Unless we demand this be stopped now it will go on forever and thousands more animals will suffer in these death ships.

If we do not speak up now, their suffering is our fault.

Just put a stop to it now.

Concerning the animals that are victims of the live export trade ; Show them the compassion they deserve ,

Ban the Bloody Trade !

We are a species capable of great evil. We recognise that. We can limit this by funding abattoirs in Australia and shipping frozen meat. By not doing this we are all, all adults who have the right to vote, implicit in this evil.

When I watched the footage could not believe this was happening in Australia, what have we become this needs to be fixed now.

I haven’t seen 60mins I couldn’t watch it, cruelty to animals how disgusting is that. Why don’t they get off their backsides and pass laws to ban it. Too busy looking after themselves to bother I shouldn’t wonder.

I only saw a small piece of the 60 Minutes clip and felt sick to my stomach. I cannot believe we are such a cruel race. We can only be heard if we become one powerful voice, so the more people that know of this disgusting cruelty the better. Thankyou 60 Minutes for keeping us informed. Please help these poor animals, as no living creature deserves this..

The live animal export trade must be stopped. If animals were treated on land the way these poor victims are suffering being transported the owner would be prosecuted, fined and jailed etc. Why are we allowing these heinous people to behave in such a cavalier and cruel way? Farmers of Australia need to look at what they are doing and allowing and not have their animals involved in this dispicable trade.

The rights and welfare of all living creatures must never be exploited by commercial interests or human self-gratification. As Australians, we hang our heads in shame at yet another revelation about the horrific consequences of our live export trade. There has been a national outcry and we can only hope those resisting change are listening. Unfortunately animal cruelty is prevalent everywhere, so the fight must be taken up worldwide. Do what you can please to speak out/take action. We the people are more empowered than we believe.

I honestly do eat meat, but have never witnessed the absolute fear and complete terror in these helpless creatures.
We need a quick, painless gas, almost like an anesthetic, because for them to be alive and trapped in in these conditions is worse than whatever we can imagine.
This is barbaric, premeditated and evil.

There is so much evidence to show that we are a frugivorous species, and at the very most opportunistic in the case of desperation or famine. We don’t need to consume meat in the first place. In actual fact many studies both active and past show the vegans are healthy, have less longterm ailments, less cancers, and have more energy and less depression. If you want to use the word “humane” to describe empathy, compassion and treating another person or creature with due respect for life, then we must wake up to our cruel human ways. Animals have the right to be spared suffering. First imagine you are a lesser animal on a planet where humans are farmed and eaten by a more intelligent and dominant species. Now picture yourselves being shuttled onto these exports ships in the harsh, and cruel conditions. To get to the end of this trip from hell to have further suffering and enter ahouse of horrors where you can smell blood and hear the sounds of others screaming in fear and pain, waiting your turn in the que to be slaughter. All so that the other species that eats humans because they want to not because they need to, can sit down for a hamburger. If it doesn’t sound like something you would be happy to go through then why are you allowing it to happen to other creatures! So unless you have already signed and found what the true meaning of humane should be, then I ask that you visualize yourself on that journey through hell the next time you go to eat meat.

The only reason live sheep export is still happening is for cultural and religious reasons , countries like Quatar can afford refrigeration . After going through this inhumane and immoral journey the stress on the poor sheep that survive would cause very poor quality and toxins in the meat anyway so its not for freshness . This practice will be stamped out ,the labour party will support a private members bill and it will become a topic in the up coming election next year. we have power at the ballot box , The new regulations just announced by the government will reduce the numbers of animals per ship this will cut into their profits and force the price up in these countries will have some effect Bite the bullet and ban this practice use those promised big company tax cuts to support our farmers affected , they dont want to see their animals treated in this way either

The live export trade is a disgusting industry that should be closed down immediately. Review after review continues and still this appalling industry remains. Our government has let us down. The regulators of the industry and the exporters cannot be trusted. Their agenda is to maximise their profits at a cost to these poor defenceless animals deprived of basic animal welfare standards. Our government need to listen to the voice of the people and step up and have the courage to do what is morally right and shut the industry down.

The Australian Government should redirect all halal money to set up cruelty-free abattoirs, with the intention of selling them to the private sector within five to fifteen years. End this inhuman cruelty!

If you can watch the footage and do nothing you are the exact type that should never be in government


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