Tell Australia’s major parties to commit to new #naturelaws

Wildlife Protection

There are 1800+ species on Australia’s threatened list and not nearly enough is being done to help them. Things will only get worse with climate change, so urgent government intervention and investment is required. Crucial to reversing the situation is a new stronger set of nature laws to face the challenges of the 21st Century in the face of climate change.

Humane Society International has always been at the forefront of environmental law reform in Australia and we are again. We co-founded the Places You Love alliance which is a coalition of the nation’s 42 conservation organisations pushing for new nature laws. Politicians preparing for next year’s federal election need to hear from you now. Will you join the national campaign? You can stand up for nature by sending this letter to the leaders of Australia’s two major political parties.

Images: Albatross – Catherine Bone; Bell Frog – Lance Jurd; Koala – Lisbet Dean/Serendipity Retreat; Humpback Whale – Portelli; Flying Fox – Annie Schoenberger/Nightwings Rainforest Centre

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It’s not a hard decision to protect the unique flora & fauna of this beautiful country , don’t go down in history as the government who didn’t value our environment enough to protect it , think of the future not your selfish short term gains

I believe many species are at risk and much of it is due to habitat loss which is due to human population growth and the encroachment of humans on wildlife habitat. I think there is a place for all species on this earth and their space should be protected. That is exactly where progressive politicians can make their mark by standing up for wildlife and for our natural environments. So please do the right thing and make your voice heard for the protection of wildlife and the environment because that is what many of us also stand up for. Thank you.

Humans share this planet with literally millions of other animal species and we must strive to co-exist peacefully alongside all of them. We do not have dominion over the Earth. Thank you.

The decline of all wildlife be it land based or in the marine environment relates to inappropriate human behaviour. Land based animals die whilst their habitat is being cleared to the ground and/or fragmented and polluted. Marin based animals die as a consequence of humans again damaging their environment with pollution, overfishing and inhumane methods used to stop them from harming those that enter their domain. Their is a lack of political will by politicians to do anything other than pay lip service to environmental degradation. Shame on all of us for voting for these immoral, unethical individuals that don’t have the principles to same an environment that we all depend on for survival.


We need to save wildlife , they are important for our eco system ! There are 1800+species threatened list and not nearly enough is being done to help them…And things will only get wors with climate change, so urgent goverment intervention and investment is required..Crucial to reversing the situation is a new stronger set of nature laws to face the challenges of the 21 st Century in the face of climate change !

Australia’s record on species extinction is appalling and both major parties stand guilty as charged on this, a national shame.
We need politicians who act on behalf of the community and not on behalf of party donors and big business.
Now wouldn’t that be a novelty.

Australia is right now in the top league of countries who let species of their nature die out (or get activly exterminated by, e.g., destruction of the natural environment). It is (VERY MILDLY SAID) not very honourable to be in this top league. It would be even possible to do something about this (AT LEAST, IF ONE WANTS).

C’es notre devoir de respectez et protegez les animaux. Eux, aussi on une âme! Eux, aussi on le droit d’avoirs une vie saine sur ce planéte! Vous, le savez? Vous, êtes des humains, soyez humaines. Prenez, votre responsabiltée et aidez, s.v.p. Merci.

In all farming, industrial and development work in Australia, I’d like to see a strongly enforced “Does it harm wildlife?” clause as a priority before approval. As we don’t have a functioning National Environment Minister and useless State ministers, this is not going to happen and the war on wildlife will continue until those of us who love and value nature just curl up and die from sadness.

In the SW of WA we have just heard that two more of our iconic species have had their status upgraded from Vulnerable to Endangered – the Baudin’s Black Cockatoo and the state emblem, the numbat. We are home to the now critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum and one of the main problems is the loss of habitat due to clearing for new housing subdivisions, mining and logging and burning in our state forest. We urgently need to refocus our planning and environmental protection laws on critical habitat retention if we are to prevent catastrophic loss of our native species.

Every Animal deserves to live a happy and healthy life… We are not a third world country the way we treat our Hens and Pigs is horrific straight out off a horror movie 😡😡

Australia is primitive, ignorant and lacking in compassion. That is because we have ‘leaders’ who think only of
financial gain and don’t care about the suffering they are causing by this greed and indifference.

Australia needs new strong Nature Laws to protect and preserve our wildlife, their habitat and all environmental ecosystems. Do this now before it’s too late and the damage done is irreparable!!!!! Extinction is forever.


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