Can the cage! Let’s give chickens room to move.

Animal Welfare

Australia’s shameful treatment of chickens belongs in the history books – there is no need for this Government-endorsed cruelty.

While the world moves towards cage-free chicken farming, Australia remains stuck in the past, grimly sticking to outdated standards which support cruel confinement.

For the first time in 15 years, the draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry are available for public comment until 26 February and Australia’s poultry needs your help!

Please take just 1 minute to complete the form below to lodge your submission to government, bringing our poultry industry out of the dark ages and into the modern era. We’ll also send copies to all key federal and state decision makers.

In their current form the standards are a national embarrassment that have ignored all the latest animal welfare science. The number one concern is that they still permit the use of battery cages where hens cannot even spread their wings. Imagine spending your entire life unable to spread your arms.

The draft standards are shockingly sub-standard on every level and their outcome will affect the lives of approximately 600 million birds. They deny poultry of their most basic needs such as perching, dust-bathing, foraging, nesting, or even access to sunlight.  Ducks are even denied water in which to swim.

A massive 84% of Australians want to see an end to caged eggs according to recent RSPCA research—we need you to make your voice heard!

Australian supermarkets have listened to their customers—both Coles and Woolworths will not use caged eggs in their home brand products. And global giant Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, has announced a complete transition to cage-free eggs.

So why is the Australian Government trying to lock in cruelty for the next decade by proposing these appalling standards?  An exposé by ABC’s 7.30 program suggested that the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) had been colluding with egg farmers to prevent battery cages from being outlawed. They revealed that NSW bureaucrats secretly met with the Department to discuss how to manipulate the process and retain the use of battery cages. Coincidentally, NSW is the largest producer of caged eggs in the country and coordinating the national standard setting process.

We need to turn this around and make our voices heard – it’s time to can the cage!

We must CAN THE CAGE and give Aussie birds a life worth living.

Their future is in your hands.

Please share with your friends!

Perhaps your campaign should take the issue to people as they put the chicken in their mouth?

Asking how you’d like to live in a cage is a question that may induce a guilty conscience, but it is a poor strategy and people will dismiss it.

Ask them if they want to eat the unhealthy drugged bird and maybe they will think twice?

In many ways that’s true, but a tiny improvement will make a huge difference to billions of birds annually. Every tiny step is a step in the right direction. These campaigns, too, help inform people. Someone may have just started on their journey into the realisation of just how truly horrific it is for farm animals worldwide, just as you and I did. Most definitely we want every person to find themselves where you are now.
Let the world be a better place for animals, may everyone be as kind as yourself ⚖️🌏

Please ban battery cages. Hens should be free to roam, scratch the ground, flap their wings and feel the sun-all natural behaviours that they are deprived of when kept in cages.

In this year of 2018 it is about time that we no longer have hen battery cages for egg production. It is inhumane treatment of the hens in which they suffer and cannot exhibit their normal behaviour. Also the slaughtering process needs to be more humane as hens are slaughtered for meat once they no longer produce eggs unless they are rescued and live out their lives in appropriate environment. I only use free range eggs and do not eat chicken.


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