Don’t let the Trump Administration lift the ban on elephant trophy hunting!

Wildlife Protection

African elephants are threatened species and the global community has rallied to end the ivory trade. But now, the U.S. government has thrown away these efforts by giving American trophy hunters the green light to slaughter elephants.

Under President Donald Trump, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) just announced that it will reverse critical elephant protections established during the Obama administration, which banned the importation of elephant trophies from Zambia and Zimbabwe and made importing lion pelts and other trophies more difficult.


Zimbabwe is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Perhaps not surprisingly, a hunting outfitter advertised elephant hunts in Zimbabwe as soon as the change was made public. It’s a venal and nefarious, pay-to-slay arrangement that Zimbabwe has set up with the trophy hunting industry.

83% of Americans support banning elephant trophies. These inhumane policies are pushed by wealthy trophy hunters and members of Safari Club International, who win awards and bragging rights for traveling around the world in a head-hunting exercise to kill elephants and other rare and majestic creatures. They have found an ally in President Trump.

This reckless and cruel decision cannot go unchallenged.

Stand up for elephants! Tell the Head of the U.S. Department of Interior, which oversees FWS, that you do not support this giveaway to the trophy hunting industry and want elephants to continue to be protected.

U.S Department of Interior, Do Not Lift The Ban On Trophy Hunting!

Your action helped save elephants! President Trump has confirmed he’ll ban elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Thank you!

This TAKE ACTION is now closed.

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Elephants are nearing extinction. They must be protected. Contrary to what they say, Trophy hunting does not contribute to conservation; it gives incentive to poaching. Trophy hunting interests only a few, namely the SCI, NRA and hunters (wealthy white American male). This neocolonialism is absolutely despicable. Do not exterminate African’s wildlife!

So angry at this – We worked so hard with the GMFER – Global March for Elephants & Rhinos – Eumundi and seeing Obama’s ban reversed is depressing- it more to do with pandering to his bloody trophy hunting sons- it’s sickening
FOR THE US to allow imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe, Zambia.-Elephants minding their business are going to be gunned down by rich Americans.” elephants are listed in the US Endangered Species .
It will increase poaching, make communities more vulnerable & hurt conservation.-US authorities will remove restrictions on importing African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.· The restrictions were created by the Obama administration in 2014 because the African elephant population had dropped. As Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump are prolific big-game hunters during the 2016 campaign, images re-emerged of the pair on a 2011 hunting trip posing with animals they had killed on safari, including an elephant, a buffalo and a leopard- this is all about Daddy giving the Trump Sons – Wildlife Murderers their way. Only when the last of the animals horns,tusks,bones and skins are sold will the mankind realise that money can never buy back our wildlife

Don’t do it! These creatures are special to your continent and have evolved to fit into its specific environment. Don’t let the Americans get their dirty hands in your wildlife too!

Please save our Beautiful Elephants from trophy hunters. Do not let humans clear the planet of these beautiful creatures. They are sick if they enjoy the slaughter of an exotic animal that can become extinct. Please please save the beautiful Elephants from the sick Sport of trophy hunters, Thank you

Trophy hunting is senseless and unnecessary and UNACCEPTABLE. We have been working too hard for too long to stop and END this despicable practice. The people who trophy hunt animals are selfish and ignorant and despicable. These endangered wild animals need the most rigorous protections from ALL OF US.

I watched a David Attenborough documentary showing a herd of elephants moving to a new waterhole theirs had dried up, one little calf couldn’t keep up and collapsed and died. To see the tears running down its mother’s face was heartbreaking, these majestic creatures have feelings the same as we do. It takes a coward to shoot down a defenceless animal. I am appalled that Donald Trump is encouraging this by wanting to change the ban on animal parts as trophies being brought back into the USA. It’s disgusting, appalling and downright cruel.

HANDS OFF the precious majestic 9th WONDER of this planet.. They are for my son and his future generations to ENJOY , NOT DESTROY

HANDS OFF the precious majestic 9th WONDER of this planet.. They are for my son and his future generations to ENJOY , NOT DESTROY.. Go find some other form of amusement

Animals do not deserve the appalling treatment they receive from individuals who, to all intents & purposes, find savaging and killing them an acceptable days entertainment! I really don’t understand how this can be the case; I find it abhorrent & hugely disturbing that we live in such a world. Worse, I find the fact that there are people who ‘get their jollies’ this way incredibly sad & depressing & I worry for the future of our world. I’m so glad that there are people who have the energy, compassion & ‘know-how’ to try & educate these people into a gentler, kinder, & all round ‘better’ world whilst actively saving the animals that were destined for target practice in a most horrible way.

There is enough cruelty in this world in the name of fun and entertainment. Lets not breed anymore generations of people that think it is ok to kill just for the hell of it. Lets speak out for those who can’t speak out for themselves and are at the mercy of the few whose decision can change the world. Do the right thing as human beings with good souls and make the choice to NOT lift the ban on elephant trophy hunting.

what sort of person could kill a creature that is defenceless when it has a gun
pointed at its head? Did these people begin life as school bullies?

We need to protect the planet & animals from people like Trump, who destroying the Earth and all life on this planet ! I’ts a crime to kill innocent wildlife for fun ! I i’am worry for the futere! We need to stop stupid SELFISH GREED people from destoying this planet!!



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