Ask the Indonesian government to end the dog meat trade in Indonesia

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Every year, millions of dogs are brutally transported throughout Indonesia to supply the demand for dog meat. Many are stolen family pets and illegally trafficked dogs. They are crammed into cages and sacks so tightly that they can barely move, their mouths bound shut so they can hardly breathe. They are taken on long journeys to supply markets, slaughterhouses and restaurants. They watch others being brutally killed in filthy slaughterhouses whilst they wait their turn.

Not only does this trade represent an overwhelming cause of animal suffering, the demand for dog meat encourages the unregulated large-scale illegal theft and movement of dogs of unknown disease and vaccination status between regencies (and islands); and the World Health Organization (WHO) has explicitly highlighted the dog meat trade as a contributing factor to the spread of rabies in Indonesia – a deadly disease that has a devastating impact on human and animal health. So, whilst only a minority of Indonesians consume dog meat – in fact it is estimated that just 7% of the population nationwide ever consumes dog meat – the trade threatens the health and safety of the whole country.

Throughout the world, dogs are people’s most loyal companions, bringing us joy, cherished as “therapists” in schools and in hospitals and homes for the young and elderly, and serving in our police forces and armies. They deserve to be protected from cruelty, and to be recognised – and respected – as companion animals.


WARNING: This video contains footage some viewers may find distressing

Join Animal Friends Jogja, Change for Animals Foundation, Humane Society International and Jakarta Animal Aid Network in our calls for a Dog-Meat Free Indonesia. Take action now by signing our global petition calling on the Indonesian government to ban the trade in and slaughtering of dogs, and consumption of dog meat throughout Indonesia.

Thank you for joining Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais, Peter Egan (pictured above), Sophia Latjuba, Chelsea Islan and Gamaliel Tapiheru in calling for an end to the dog meat trade in Indonesia.


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This is disgusting practice which clearly goes on in full view. Until this practice is stopped & steps taken by the government to punish those perpetrating such heinous acts against helpless animals (so they will send a harsh message to those doing it) I will no longer holiday in this country & I will cease business immediately with my contacts in your country & do business elsewhere where barbaric practices do not exist. I am also going to tell everyone I know of such practices.

Karen. Killing in our countries goes on behind closed doors but the cruelty is the same – transported and held in slaughter houses till it’s their turn. I am vegan and would never hurt an animal but I can see that dogs are no different to pigs are no different to cows are no different to hens are no different to sheep. The only way you can be serious about change is to eat only plant based foods of which there is a tremendous variety and you will be very healthy.

Pam, I agree and also do not eat meat, of any kind. One difference, though, is the deliberate torturing of dogs used for food. The killers think meat tastes better if an animal greatly suffers before death. I know cruelty goes on everywhere else meat is produced, but the aim is to limit the animals’ pain, not increase it.

The killing of these dogs and cats is even worse as they torture them to death. They don’t slit throats or stun or shoot with a bolt, they use hammers, chisel, blow torches, electrocution and dismemberment and boiling all while the animal is still alive. I am recently (18 months now) off eating meat due to cruelty involved to all animals but what they do to these dogs in full view on the streets is some of the worst cruelty. I have seen dogs with wire tied around their legs who if they have been rescued, have lost legs as the blood supply was cut off or the legs were hacked off while the dog was still alive. They also tie their front legs hard behind their backs. Vile practices. It would make you do more than weep to witness this disgusting treatment of these animals.

Just as barbaric as slaughtering pigs, chickens, lambs and cows for their flesh because we don’t need it and we know full well that they are sentient beings like us. Stop the slaughter of all animals!!!

Dog are man’s best friend and should be treated as such. There is a strong bond formed with our faithful friends and they absolutely know what is going on. This is barbaric and cruel and has to stop.

Humans are a VIOLENT DESTRUCTIVE waste of time, money, food, animals and life. This is why humans no longer live hundreds of years like told in the Bible, God will destroy them, and He has only begun by shortening humans lives.
Animals are God’s creation and deserve to be well cared for by humans not destroyed.
I wonder when humans will get it?
Dog Advocate

How can any one or country allow this barbaric treatment of the most loving and faithful creature on earth. They deserve to live more than some people.

Indonesian. You must stop this brutal killing of these poor dogs now!! I never want to visit your country and so I am sure that there are many others that feel the same way. You will lose out on Tourism Nobody wants to see that horrific torture or know that it happens!!!

Appalling that animals we have designed to be breed as family pets are being slaughtered for meat, due to ”human” demand. If the Indonesian government care about their revenues from the tourism industry they need to change the laws, because as me i am sure that others rather spend their holiday and money in a country that nourish animal well fare, not barabric tortures! Spread the word about this and tourism will drop! Change to ethical meat production and tourism will rise.

What is wrong with Asian countries that they think they can kill so barbarically? These dogs just want to be loved and I have seen them wagging their tails just before being cruelly slaughtered. Have they no heart at all?

I wish to everybody could see the love in the eyes of the beautiful animals, I believe that they have better feelings than the human being because they just have love to give.

What kind of a person could do this to these dogs? This is a crime of the worst kind against God’s creation, and a betrayal to intelligent and loving dogs who show love to humans. This awful suffering must stop! It is wrong for you to inflict these acts of fear and savagery on these innocent animals. THINK how you would feel if this was done to you! The dogs are feeling all of it!

I agree, I have two dogs and all they want is to give you unconditional love all the time. How anyone could be so cruel and heartless to these animals that just want to love is pure evil.

This is absolutely brutal and barbaric. Shame on those who perform such an inhuman act. Why does the government allow this to happen.

There is absolutely no reason for this type of cruelty especially in this day and age. It is inhumane and the way these animals are killed is nothing short of murder of a breathing living creature even if it is for consumption. This medieval type of torture toward living things are expected from sociopaths who have no empathy. It is time these practices are banned. This type of behavior reflects back on the culture and type of society of a place and/or country. Is this how we would like Indonesia to look in the eyes of the rest of the world?

These dogs are loyal and faithful companion animals, they do not deserve to be treated so barbaric just for the sake of ignorant people who dont know any better. Animals sole existence is not to be butchered and eaten by humans – their value is far greater.


I am so over the Human Race thinking that being cruel to animals is part of life….It needs to stop, and i will try with all my might to help stop this!!!

Dogs and cats are Human Companions and were never domesticated to be food, but some nations turned to eating dogs as subsistence Meat although this is Repugnant meat in days of poverty! But to call this heinous trade “culture” should be embarrassing and reprehensible and reflect on the lack of dignity, self respect and human decency and can never be acceptable! The process of Evolution is supposed to bring people out of the darkness into civility so resisting this transition because of indecency is an insult to humanity and worst for the dogs and cats who are so confused as to this UNNATURAL CRUELTY BEING inflicted on them when all are interested in is to assist humans and be their loyal companions! Just imagine how BETRAYED they feel!

This is so disgusting and cruel it is beyond belief. I would never go to a country such as this that could permit such
lack of compassion and sadism.

Only the most empty of humanity can do this to our greatest friends. They are quite simply soulless. For without soul there is no concience and without concience empathy or guilt doesnt exist.
The ones who can make it stop can do so with the only language understood and that is money.

Please let’s get the one million petition. Let’s spread the petition to everyone one we know in social media. We are the voices of our voiceless sweet dogs of Indonesia.

If you are a civilized country you will put an end to this barbarism at once. This practice stains the entire planet, and the entire planet is watching YOU!!

What have we humans become? So sad! Dogs and all animals are an important part of life. Stop and think about the consequences of your actions. Will we be next?

Dogs are beautiful sentient creatures that have been man’s best friend since they were domesticated. They serve the human race in so many ways either as working dogs or just loyal companions. They feel excitement, stress and pain just like humans. it is disgusting to treat them as a food supply, I think we as humans could do better with the treatment of all animals. The world will have a lot more respect for the Indonesian people if think about the welfare of all creatures on this great planet of ours; they all deserve our help especially dogs.

To keep a sentient being , a being with a soul , with feelings , with a brain and the ability to think , to think of its babies and try to get between abuser and them to save them, to hear it’s yelps , cries, fear, is emotionally and psychologically heartrenching , it’s more so fo r them.
Waiting in crates until the butcher’s come for them , all the time feeling the fear of the slaighter is exactly when humans in war torn countries have their own taken and slaughtered in front of their eyes.
This murder of senti ent beings must stop , and we must never , never stop fighting in yelling , petitioning, going over to set them free, adopting them and setting up educational programs for schools on these countriies so the horror of murder can stop.

Heartbreaking 💔
This disgusting behaviour makes me sick to my stomach !!
Anyone who could do this to these beautiful innocent creatures has no heart or soul just pure EVIL 😈👹😓

To Indonesian governors and inhabitants,
whenever you are going to carry out a torture on animals, PLEASE TRY IT FIRST IN YOUR BODIES…if you enjoyi it because it is pleasant and it RELAXES YOU…then go ahead because it must be extraordinary for animals too.

We all the people need to stand forward to stop this cruel killing of dogs in Indonesia. People have forgot that they are humans and acting like evils. Please stop it. This cruel situation should be highly take into consideration by all the countries specially United States to implement some rules and regulations to monitor and stop these cruel businesses.
Thank you
Sri Lanka

I Cannot believe you allow such a cruel, barbaric and unregulated treatment of these poor animals in your country. You should be ashamed.


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