Australia must not feed the demand for ejiao

Animal Welfare

The booming demand for donkey skins fuelled by an obsession with a traditional Chinese medicine named ejiao, which too many people believe helps everything from impotence to cancer, is causing a global outcry.  Not only does it have a devastating effect on donkey populations in Africa and rural communities whose livelihoods depend on them, it also causes cruelty on a level we have never seen before.

As their value escalates, donkey populations worldwide are currently being decimated, so much so that five African states have no donkeys left, and the communities that depended on them are left without their lifeline.

This heartbreaking trade is already having devastating consequences with 1.8 million donkey skins traded for the ejiao market last year alone.  Even worse, it is predicted that 5-10 million donkeys will be killed to fuel the trade every year, that’s almost one quarter of the present donkey population worldwide.

China is now looking to Australia as a new source of donkeys. The Northern Territory government is considering cashing in by farming donkeys to sell their skins to China.  Donkeys are highly susceptible to stress and are unsuitable for farming. The Federal government has even considered sending live donkeys to China to be slaughtered there.

We need Agriculture Minister David Littleproud to know that the solution to the global donkey crisis is not to fuel the demand. The Australian government should prohibit the export of donkeys from Australia for commercial purposes, whether alive or dead. Turning feral animals into a commercial enterprise is foolish on so many levels and every effort is needed to explain the animal welfare problems to Chinese consumers and stop the demand.

Already fifteen countries have made a stand against the trade in order to protect their donkey populations and the local communities who depend on them. Any limited supply from Australia would do nothing to reduce international demand for donkeys falling on developing nations. An Australian supply of donkey skins would simply undermine the bans already put in place by other nations.

TAKE ACTION and tell Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud to prohibit the export of donkeys for traditional medicine. Whether they are feral or farmed, donkeys must not be cruelly exploited for a dubious medicine.

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Barnaby doesnt give a flying you know what about animals. LIve exports of cattle, sheep to eastern countries with horrendous welfare issues, not to mention long sea journeys. He backs the farmers and they’re all in it together!!

They are disconnected and void of any conscience. They perpetrate vile abuse but regard themselves as good christian folk….INSANITY!

How dare Mr David Littleproud export go on.Hes name says it all Littleproud PLEASE STAND DOWN !!!!Barbaric behavoir

So true Barnaby Joyce doesnt give a shit, he signs off on barbaric torturous live export, sending beautiful Greynou D’s over to China to race in horrific torturous barbaric conditions and to then me murdered by being skinned and burnt alive, an he signs off on all the evil, cruel, sadistic barbaric torturous, viruses for the bunnies, but it not only murders the wild bunnies, but our gorgeous loved pet bunnies. He has been proven evil for all of the cruelty to poor innocent defenceless beautiful animals that he has condoned and signed off on, now he is wanting to import poor innocent sweet defenceless beautiful Donkeys to be skinned alive and tortured and murdered in theost horrific way, this man does nor care about any living creature.

Isnt there enough shocking cruelty inflicted on the animals Mr Joyce.. NO TO TRADING DONKEYS TO CHINA… THE BRUTALITY HAS TO STOP… THE WHOLE BUSINESS IS SICKENING… PLRWSE.

Where does the cruelty to Animals end. Govt., know what goes on, which just shows the type of sinister ministers they are, they ARE PERPETRATING/ CONDONING ANIMAL CRUELTY.

This is 1 farmer who rejects live exports. I stick to the fibre side of things.
I am with Animals Australia I donate, am a member of & sign every petition going against live export. I am in a minority I give you that.
I wish barnaby joyce (yes small letters for a small man) would open his eyes & his heart to the absolute horror of live export.
Don’t worry the farmers in my area know EXACTLY where I stand on this issue.

Thankyou so very much for speaking up against live export !! Do you know that the government controls our weather for many years using toxic aerosol spraying of our skies in weather modification programs affecting us and our environment that they never tell the public about ?? see websites: EXTENSIVE LIST OF PATENTS GEOENGINEERING WATCH & DANE WIGINGTON YOUTUBE take care, cheers

good on you I am also a member of Animals Australia
It is so great to see members of the farming community standing against live exports
your coments warm my heart

Thank you Lorraine for sticking up for these vulnerable animals. I am not against farming, but I am against the cruelty that seems to be increasing and standard practice in all areas of animal handling. You inspire me, I realise it’s not easy being with other farmers and voicing your views. I know, I’ve tried. 🙂

Can you not comment with your conspiracy theory. Its hard enough trying to bring about changes without every crackpot making the entire campaign seem loony. Stop it. This is about live export!
And its australian people selling to China, dont forget that!

The Human race is nothing more than a virus.

We contribute nothing to anything that does not involve ourselves- unlike bees.

We are the scum of the earth , and have overpopulated this planet.

Donkeys and horses are bred for human companionship and pleasure. They have been used to transport people and goods over time. They are magnificent animals who connect with humans emotionally. They should not be used for human consumption or medicine. How dare our government even contemplate live exports to China. Disgusting!! It’s bad enough they export sheep and cattle. Cruelty is never ok!!

I am horrified that Australia continues live export after the recently exposed cruelty to sheep. Donkeys and all animals should be treated humanely. Animal welfare is of upmost importance and these practices make me ashamed to be Australian.

Please ban the slaughter of donkeys for their skin and medicine. Animal skin is already been banned and so many designers have decided not to use animal fur and skin in their clothing anymore. Please be kind and think of the torture these poor animals have to go through in their lives.

David Littleproud now has the DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources ) PORTFOLIO and BJ has been delegated to the federal backbench …all powers taken from him…..THANK GOODNESS!!!!

Littleproud has put on a show of supposedly cleaning up the live export industry but he then gave the VIETNAM GOVERNMENT $950.000 to improve the brutal way that Australian cattle have been slaughtered in that country so he has proved to be just another politician who has been told that the live trade will continue as long as this current government is in power…….Namely the LNP (coalition LIBERAL and NATIONAL PARTY )…….HOWEVER …..the LABOUR PARTY, The GREENS the ANIMAL JUSTICE ARTY and many other INDEPENDENTS want to see live export PHASED OUT and the LABOUR Party has taken a vow on this “IF” they win the next Federal, Election so,,,, who are you going to VOTE FOR????

Bloody governments who rule us and dont give a DAMN about animals are not the people we Australian want in Government!!!!!!!! Animals are living mammals just like us they to feel love, pain and hardship.
This Government should be ashamed of there continuous blatant disrespect towards animals and only see these poor creatures as a money tree!!!
WAKE UP Government we are the ones who vote you in. BAN THE LIVE TRADE of animals.

Yes very true Gillian he even called all people who support ending live export “zealots”… make him pay a the ballot box.

Dearest Barnaby
please don’t allow donkeys to be deported and given to any one or chinese for medicine

yours sincerely
Lee Kingston

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test, consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect humankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.”

― Milan Kundera

Do you know what they do to donkeys in China?? They strip their skin off and often they are still alive. How in God’s name could any one be a willing participant in this kind of barbaric cruelty. For what? So they can continue with their archaic so called medicine. By willingly sending donkeys to that greedy country, you are an active participant.

Margaret… l also know this to be true.. it is heartbreaking… does not matter what species… they have no respect or care for the animals…. CRUELTY BEYOND BELIEF… HOW CAN BARNABY JOYCE AND GINA RHINEHART AND ALL THOSE OTHERS WHO SEND THEIR ANIMALS FOR LIVE EXPORT DO IT.. WICKED INSANE CRUELTY

Neither are cows or sheep or lambs or pigs or chickens or turkeys or deer or ducks or pigeons or goats or fish or obsters or crabs or prawns or any other terrestrial or marine animals!

We have to stop this torturous trade. To treat another living creature in such a brutally cruel way in the name of greed is an indication of the devolving of the human race, and we as Australians must not only refuse to participate in such a heartless and cruel practice, but must stand up and protect these helpless animals from such barbaric abuse and torture. To be complicate in such an ugly practice positions us as inhumane torturers, and this is not the sort of Australia that I want to be identified with. Show some humanity, responsibility, heart and spirit and Stop this horrid practice now.


Incredibly the morons on this morning’s Today show on 9 were laughing at donkeys and saying how stupid they are. The fluff that comes out of this show is embarrassing. Why don’t you educate yourselves on some real issues like Donkeys being sent to China to be skinned alive for gelatin – why don’t you tell the public that? You fools. This is no laughing matter. Ignorance and the lack of exposure by our media is the reason this trade will be allowed to go on. PS: Barnaby only cares about his pockets.

Barnaby Joyce, you have to step up, you are orchestrating the gruesome deaths of millions of Australian animals abroad, and now Donkeys? You are a disgrace to the Australian population. Please act urgently.

Donkey’s were used for many, many, years working their butts off to bring COAL up from the MINES, why are we doing this to them Barnaby F—————–Joyce knows this It must not happen. to these persecuted ANIMALS They have saved many lives during rescues and endured much cruelty in there lives. LEAVE THEM ALONE JOYCE !!!!!!

If there is a humane bone in your body please study what these countries do to animals before you ship them out. Their is no humanity in the way they treat animals. The pain and suffeting they inflict is barbaric to say the least. No animal deserves to endure horrific pain and suffering on the name of GREED or any other reason for that matter.

Barnaby Joyce already has the blood of millions on his hands – to think he even considers this appalling thing, export of donkeys, is beyond words really. This government is financially hopeless and it will exploit any animal to hide its inability to balance Australia’s books with integrity and decency. Live export is evil and Australia’s shame and the public guilt is unbearable.

Good grief !!! If is istn’t torturing bears for their bile,dogs and cats for their meat.tigers,rhino horn,rabbits etc etc etc .Is their any animal they don’t torture?Oh yes the Panda Bear always cute pictures of them- big money spinner.Whats wrong with these people!!?

Barnaby Joyce, If you dont know what they do to animals in China you need to research this, dog meat trade, live export is just some of the horrific crimes they commit against animals, please do not sent these innocent creatures to get dealt the same fate.

Barnaby Joyce, it’s about time you stopped looking at animals as a money making glorification for yourself, it’s a disgrace that anything should be used and abused in such a way. It will stop one day, and that day can’t come soon enough!

Shame on Barnaby Jones, i don’t know how he can sleep at night.he has no heart. No one should tolerate the terrible cruelty of live exports

China is one of the least humane countries when it comes to killing of animals for food./
Personally, as someone who breeds cattle, I am disgusted at the state of animal welfare, on so many counts.
Live export is really not necessary. If these animals are to be used for meat then please allow for chilled carcase export.
And the other thing we could be doing is controlling breeding of many domestic and feral animals.

I have already sent him numerous emails on this issue including the MP Michael Gunner in NT who is part of the problem with no answer, so then I sent an email to the Prime Minister regarding an Independent Office of Animal Welfare and was informed that each state looks after its own animal welfare. Joyce has already proven he doesn’t care about our livestock exports in the past and he does not care about this issue either. In fact, he doesn’t care about animals at all. Everyone should contact Michael Gunner MP for the Northern Territory as he is the one colluding with Joyce regarding the donkey farming in NT.

What is the matter with this world! They want to keep he liked everything and its use it to make profit. They don’t hear if it’s cruel to the animal! And this should not be allowed!


Barnaby Joyce cannot and will not see anything past profit and power. I have no respect for this man. I would like him to have the courage to watch the result of his actions – from the loading ports of Australia to the final destination of these unfortunate animals. He simply would not have the stomach for the outcome.

September 29, 2017 at 4:51 am

It seems that there is no end to the need to make money from animals. The cruelty involved is horrendous. Bad enough that it goes on in these barbaric places. Can’t believe Australia is prepared to be contributing to the practice. Obviously a lot of people only see dollar signs.

To exploit donkeys for financial gain should give rise to serious debate, challenge and question. The journey alone will rob them of their physical, mental and emotional health and then they will be tortured and finally slaughtered in the most appalling and abhorrent manner. Politicians must stop acting against the public’s wishes. DO NOT commit any more animals to LiveExport! it is barbaric, inhumane, senseless and unforgiveable.

NO WAY…don’t you dare…what are you an idiot…Stop the cruelty before it starts…listen to the people !!! NO NO NO…

We live in Australia and don’t condone this barbaric bullshit. Humanity seems to be lacking compassion toward animals of any form in the world these days.
Cruel and barbaric is this trade of animals be live export or not. Cruel and sadistic, and YOU must make this stop! What’s wrong with people????

So sick of people & their greed!!! Try thinking of someone other than yourselves for once, you selfish scumbags!!!
*humanity: the blight of the planet:(

This needless killing of innocent animals has to stop. These poor gentle donkey’s deserve better! Animals are here with us, not for us! Humans have a lot to answer for!


I am a Shooter that controls Vermin, whilst Donkeys can be seen as a pest like Wild Brumby’s i could not bring myself to shoot one of either of these beautiful animals, i do not agree with any export of live product from our country, Asian countries do not have humane ways of slaughtering animals as recently seen on current affair & news programs. I’m afraid i have lost all faith in the major political party’s, the political spin goes on and on, they look after themselves first and are suppose to be a Govt for the people by the people, think they have lost the plot on listening to us.

Barnaby Joyce and Gina rhinehart how can you support this cruel practice ,put your self in these animals places , you would not , because you dont care about animal suffering , would you do it to your family , no so why send these animals to be skinned alive , just because they can’t talk does not mean they can’t express their pain except for crys of pain ,stop live export in the name of your hunger for money and greed ,don’t you have enough of it already , be human for once and be kind if you have it in you , go on one of these live export trips with these poor animals from start to finish and be with them while they are crudely skinned alive and slaughtered , I dare you , if you can’t then you are cowards and all you care about is money , and votes and you will never get my respect ,give a damm and be a good human , set examples against animal cruelty for Australia

These people should be ashamed of themself. How dare they !!!! Sorry China, but enough is enough…Australia doesn’t support animal cruelty, how about trying something natural instead of ruining the life of our animals.. And to our politicians, stop being greedy!!!!!

We have deluded ourselves into believing we are the most important thing on this planet ,and everything has to be for the benefit of us no matter the harm we do.

When we compare ourselves with other species ( bees ) we are nothing more than a destructive virus.

Scum of the earth is what we really are.

Please stop this and ALL exports. No animal should ever be shipped to China. Their barbaric cruelty to all animals is well known. Please do not ever subject any animal to this depraved country.

Karma. Barnaby Joyce has received his just desserts…BEAUTIFUL!!! He is now hopefully in a position of having no power to continue to support live export or the horrendous farming of our donkeys.

Yes this is appalling considering the Chinese are now selling Donkey Burgers in Dee Why. WHO is running our country ?.. utterly disgusted and ashamed at Australia

Australia has the worst record in its treatment of the fauna and flora. Where there is money concerned this will
fall on deaf ears. It is totally outrageous and unbelievably cruel.
How could anyone, not only ignore the plight of these poor creatures by sending them to a country with the most
hideous reputation for its treatment of animals, but to put money before compassion?
It is sickening.

I have two beautiful donkeys who are very connected to our family. They deserve better than this (as do all animals). I strongly oppose participation in the donkey trade and call upon the Australian government to join others in denouncing this trade.

Truly ashamed to be an Aussie,.Live Trade is cruel and deadly. These animals are transported to the docks, loaded and have God knows how long on a ship to be unloaded in a foreign Country and again cruelly treated. This MUST END NOW!!!

I don’t agree with live export of any animals. Australia should be ensuring that animals are treated according to our welfare regulations and this is proving impossible to police with regular outrages being committed against our stock. We should be slaughtering at home and providing jobs for our citizens. Sending donkeys to China which has a completely different attitude to animal welfare is unacceptable given they will likely die an unnecessarily painful death. We need to take responsibility for our own animals and do the humane thing. I was brought up in the country and taught that although killing animals was a part of life, it was our responsibility to make sure it was as distress free as possible. I think the Australian government has gone far from these decent country values and needs to start taking more responsibility for the animals under our stewardship. No donkeys to China and all animals sold for slaughter must be done so according to our animal welfare regulations and this must be policed stringently.

There are plant alternatives to using Ejiao (donkey hide gelatin). I have been a practitionerof Chinese herbal medicine for over 20 years and have never used any of the animal products and still get good results. No need for any animal products in medicine.

Another example of the evil caused by completely unfounded, unscientific, and superstitious beliefs. Apart from the fact that donkey skin gelatin is exactly the same as any other form of gelatin, there is no health benefit from gelatin itself anyway. So much of this rubbish masquerades under the banner of “Tradional Chinese Medicine” when it is in fact complete and utter bollocks!

Hiw can anyone with any compassion even think of sending these poor animals to China to be skinned alive. Absolutely heartbreaking and I am ashamed to think anyone would think this is acceptable.

I believe a country of Australias supposed high moral standing needs to end it’s own hyoocrisy by ending ALL live export of ALL animals from Australia to any other country.

So talk to your family and friends, and anyone else who’ll listen. Write to the politicians and never give up. Support the animal right’s groups. Change is possible if we spread the word and are consistent in our passion.

Even if Australia exports the skin whats going to happen to all the donkey meat? Pet food? Ikea burgers? Australia has shown its Animal Welfare Laws are being blatantly flouted by commercial interests in the animal export industry and abattoir industry, they are worthless unless tested in court under prosecution and who can afford to do that? Our government supports industry (whatever it is) and not the law or the animals the law is meant to protect. No more can animals be safely farmed & killed, this industry through its own greed and lack of regard for the welfare standards has to stop.

It is absolutely inhumane, despicable & disgusting that anyone exploit & torture any animal & also export any animal especially knowing another country is brutally torturing them & or bleeding them, killing them & skinning them alive! These are not inanimate objects or products!!! These are gentle loving, living beings !!! We must put the kind back into mankind by respecting & caring for all life! Anything short of that is INHUMANE & CERTAINLY NOT ACCEOTABLE ! SHAME ON MAN WHO DOES THIS & SUPPORTS THIS! THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW AS IT NEVER SHOULD HAPPEN IN THE 1ST PLACE

The character of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals: once you have knowledge of wrongdoing and you fail to intervene to prevent it, you are complicit in the wrongdoing. Do what is ethically right and stop this.

I am a strong believer in Allmighty God. He has breathed His breath into every living creature on earth. He sustains the earth, all of life, with His breath. Who are we to treat other creatures(Gods creation) with such cruelty. A lot of people may laugh at what I’m sharing, but I only care about what God has shown me. Animals are the most innocent of all creation. We humans are the most wicked and evil of all life on earth. We are the ones who are destroying this earth and for what? Money and more money. 10 years ago I began praying this prayer “ Lord, I want what breaks your heart, to break my heart”. A few years after that, God began to open my eyes and show me the level of cruelty that animals are going through all over the world. No matter how much money I donate and how many people I educate in other parts of the world, I am constantly overwhelmed with the magnitude of the suffering of animals globally. To the point where I say to myself “ what’s the use, how much difference can I make” But I continue to cry out to God “ Lord, l ask you to raise up people who will be a voice for these animals, who will come to there defense. That you will equip them with the resources and the finances they need to shut down all animal cruelty in every way shape and form. That everything that’s evil will be exposed and abolished in the mighty name of Jesus” I thank every single one of you precious people who are a voice for these defenseless animals. Please don’t give up on them.I pray God will give us the victory through prayers like mine by othe faithful Christians and for the amazing work all you people are doing. It may seem not much, but all of us together can do the impossible

Nothing on this Earth is safe from exploitation.
But please let’s draw the line in Australia and stop exporting & condemning animals to a cruel barbarous death in foreign countries.


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